Why the Fischer ceramic electric fireplace is the ideal solution to heat your living space

German Hand Made Electric Fireplaces from Fischer Future Heat

Since the beginning of time, people have been gathering around fire pits and fireplaces to stay warm in the colder months, as well as being able to socialise with one another.

Now a focal point of any living space, fireplaces have evolved a great deal since our pre-historic ancestors used to burn logs, sticks and leaves to stay warm in their caves.

The Fischer ceramic fireplaces are no different. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing and eye catching, they are the ideal replacement for your bulky, unattractive storage heaters you may currently have in your living room. Even if you have a gas central heating system or gas fire, our fireplace can be a direct replacement for your inefficient radiators.

Cavemen gather around the fire

Gas fireplaces – the cons

Everybody knows the downsides of conventional night storage heaters – the poor heat distribution; the lack of control; the eye sore in the corner of your room. But, what about the gas and log fires that thousands of people have in their homes – how much do we really know about them?


Despite the initial appeal of giving you “heat” on demand, there are a number of downsides to having a gas fire in your home. Requiring a chimney for safe use, much of the heat they generate goes straight up and out of your property. That doesn’t sound like an economical solution to us. Not only are they inefficient, they also require annual servicing, which is yet another cost on top of the extra gas bill required to power them. We haven’t even started on the harmful chemicals you can inhale, the risk of a gas leak or the risk associated with naked flames in your home…

Also, in a world where smart technology is definitely the way forward, they provide little to no control, especially not digitally or remotely, usually relying on a simple temperature knob found behind the front metal grate.


With all these cons, many people shy away from gas fires. However, their aesthetic appeal has caused many people to stick with their outdated system. Well, suffer no more, as we have the ideal replacement…

The Fischer ceramic fireplace

Our fireplaces come with an electronic glow effect module, giving you the look of an authentic log or gas fire but without all the nasty side effects. No more pollution or cutting up logs in the garden, you can be warm and comfortable without moving a muscle.


There is also no pilot light which needs to stay lit at all times like a fireplace has, saving you even more money on your running costs. Our display works instantly with the simple press of a button on our wireless remote control.

German Ceramic Fireplaces from Fischer Future Heat

In addition, they are all made to order in Germany, containing our patented chammotte clay core and decorated with hand crafted ceramic tiles on the outside. The fireplaces themselves are available in a number of different colours, with several different tile patterns also available, and they are sure to stand out in any property.


Not only do they boast the same energy and heat efficiency as our heaters, they can work flawlessly alongside the rest of the Fischer system by using the same wireless programmable thermostat controls, which are all unique to Fischer Future Heat. You can even control your fireplace remotely with our smart Wi-Fi control system if you so desire.


If you are looking to install one of our fireplaces, we can even use one of our Gas Safe engineers or NICEIC registered electricians to remove your existing system to make the swap even easier.

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“We have recently had a new fischer electric fire fitted in our front room. It is excellent, we have a control so it will go below 16 C or above 21C which you can alter to suit your own comfort. So you need not get too warm or cold, it is perfect. If you are going out for the day, you just turn the control and it will not go over 16C, saving money by not getting too warm. We would strongly recommend Fischer heating to everyone.”

Mr Dennis Walder
Five Star Review

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