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Our Fischer elektrostore™ radiators have been tested to verify their efficiency, controllability and comfort factor.



The Building Research Establishment (BRE) is a centre of building science in the United Kingdom, owned by charitable organisation the BRE Trust. It is a former UK government national laboratory that was privatised in 1997.


BRE also carries out research and data generation in support of national and international standards and building codes, including the UK building regulations.


BRE tested one of our Fischer elektrostore™ radiators to provide temperature and energy performance data.

Energy Saving Trust (EST)


In an Energy Saving Trust field trial of five properties, where traditional electric storage heaters were replaced with Fischer Future Heat Dynamic Electric Storage Heaters, the indoor air temperature was more consistent on a day-to-day basis in four of the five properties, indicating a more stable indoor environment.


What Energy Saving Trust had to say:

“householders reported feeling more comfortable and at the same time maintained an indoor air temperature that was an average of 0.7°C lower, suggesting that less energy may be required to maintain desired levels of comfort

“electricity consumption was more closely linked to outdoor temperatures, indicating better responsiveness and/or controllability with the Fischer heating system

“heating degree-day analysis showed that the electricity consumption was consistently lower when operating the Fischer heating system”



BSRIA is an independent test, research and consultancy organisation specialising in the construction and building sector.


BSRIA tested one of our larger Fischer elektrostore™ radiators to test and verify their efficiency and electricity consumption.

They also tested the accuracy of our heaters, concluding that when set for 21 degrees, they kept the room at an average temperature of 21.02°c.