Night Storage Heater Replacement

An excellent choice

I have five heaters now for the past three winter months. My home is the cosiest it has ever been, and I haven't had to use my electric blanket. I really like the remote thermostats : I programme them, but override them to provide more heat if I wish to use a room earlier. Also, I like to adjust the temperatures gradually, and the times for the day heat, as the weather is getting warmer now. I just did not get this level of control with my old night storage heaters, and think that the control I have on my heating is much superior than to gas central heating. I wish these heaters of Fischer were available when my parents were alive.

Mr Leaver

Excellent customer service and care

Excellent customer service and care Excellent product,fischer heaters fitted for our old storage heaters our home has no gas so no worries of gas leaks or water pipes for heating. We can now control the temperature of our home and control our energy bills more efficiency. The installation guys are very professional and arrived on Time no fuss no mess. A perfect solution using a quality product installed by professional team that fischer can be proud of just like I the customer is. be warm and proud install fischer heating.

George Harkin

One of the best buys.

Extremely pleased with our new Fischer-Future heaters. The house is much warmer now, and the temperature is controllable. Much better than the 'old' night storage heaters, we had before.

Peter Stern

Much more economical than old storage…

``Much more economical than old storage heaters and I can have heat when and where I want it``

Jaqueline Ross

I had 3 heaters fitted around October …

I had 3 heaters fitted around October last year and wanted to wait until after the Winter to review. I am so pleased with them, after suffering cold rooms with storage heaters it has been wonderful to be able to relax in warm rooms. The fitters were very good, polite, quick and cleaned up after themselves. All very painless. These heaters have been the best thing I have done, they are easy to control and I am not wasting heat during the day which happens with storage heating and I can turn up if needed. They also look nice! I cannot recommend them highly enough I had to phone and ask a question and they were very helpful.

Debbie Jackson

Cosy home, excellent service.

We agonised over replacing our ancient night storage heaters as it is a sizeable investment.The Fischer team were very helpful, efficient and clean during the installation. The heaters are great and easy to control. We have been snug & cosy this winter. An excellent decision. Thank you Fischer.

Lesley Howes

Money well spent!

I have spent more than 10years in a flat that has no gas supply and was built with economy7 radiators installed. I had to rely on an extra fan heater to keep warm in the evening & to warm the bathroom in the morning before showering. I didn't think I'd be able to afford a new heating system or if there was anything else that would do a better job without costing a fortune to run. Then I saw an advert for Fischer Heating offering a free heating survey & quote. Greg Greenhalgh one of their lovely engineers came to take a look. He spent time talking through the different options of heating & finance. I didn't think I'd be eligible for any finance, but he managed to find an option I could afford 2yrs interest free. The heaters were fitted & old ones taken away. They even managed to fit one in my small bathroom! They made sure everywhere was clean before they left. It's now been a few months & the flat is so comfortable. No more noisy fan heaters and sitting with several layers of clothing to watch TV. You can also regulate the temperature and timings, so I 'm no longer spending money on wasted heat! Fantastic product, lovely, helpful staff, highly recommended and no pressure to buy. Excellent all round!

Mary Driver

Conservatory Heater Reviews

Excellent conservatory heaters – 02/05/2014

``For years we have had issues with our conservatory not getting warm enough especially in the winter. Our options were limited but we opted for storage heaters as mobile electric heaters left half of the conservatory freezing cold. My husband and I are delighted with the heaters, they were fitted in just over an hour and we were left with no mess. We have never seen this kind of thermostat before but the engineer stayed with us until we were happy. We find the whole system excellent and everything is now very easy to use. Overall very satisfied with our purchase.``

Thank you.

Mrs Waterhouses

Heater in conservatory - 13/11/2015

``Wanted to heat my new conservatory, after searching on the internet and various magazines i came across Fischer heating products ,after reading about their products I asked for a representative to call and discuss my needs. When he came he showed me the products and advised me on what I needed he was totally courteous and professional at all times. Needless to say I bought the product and have been totally satisfied with its efficiency since, thoroughly recommend this company and their products.``

Mr Jeynes, Worcestershire

Conservatory heater - 8/1/2016

``Made a remarkable difference to our downs stairs living space by be able to use our conservatory all year round by maintaining a constant heat with out costing us a fortune we are very pleased with the service and the way we were treated by the Fischer Future Heat would recommend them every time. ``

Mr and Mrs Ford, Kent

Best decision I ever made - 12/2/2016

``I have a conservatory that had no heating and was very cold in the winter. I decided to go with Fischer after checking out all other options of heating .The installation was very quick and the workmen very professional and informative. It looks great and I now have a cosy conservatory. The price was very competitive and you have the option to pay monthly. I have no hesitation in recommending Fischer.From start to finish the whole procedure was effortless. ``

Maggie King, Surrey

A solution to our cold conservatory - 9/12/2015

``A Fischer storage heater has been a brilliant and responsive solution to a cold conservatory that we only used in the summer due to no heating in there. Now we use it all year round and it has been a very welcome additional living and relaxing space in which to read and study and entertain guests. Thank you for your prompt and easy installation in time for the winter weather! Would recommend this to anyone with no reservations.``

Mrs McKenzie, Hampshire

Excellent Heaters - 12/12/2015

``I have had 8 heaters to replace old storage heaters and it's great to have heat when you need it. No longer cold in the evenings when I get home from work. Can now use conservatory in the winter months. Good efficient service from initial engineer visit through to fitting. I had to go to work and the 2 who fitted the heaters rang me once completed so I could get home and they explained thermostat control and how to set etc and to contact if need any further help which is reassuring. Would recommend as top quality heaters and great customer service. Well worth the home improvement investment. ``

Mrs Helen Doyle, Lincoln

Conservatory Heaters - 21/1/2016

“Decided to buy them there and then with 1 years interest free credit. Our installation was probably the simplest, we had casters fitted and the heaters plugged straight into the wall sockets. The heat in the conservatory is fully programmed and the room is now used all the year round.”

Phillip Wood, Bedford

Excellent product and service

``Our experience with Fischer has been very positive. We contacted them because we needed a radiator for our conservatory. The sales rep who came was very informative. The two guys who came to fit our radiator were efficient, polite and very helpful. And best of all - we are delighted with the radiator, which does everything Fischer said it would``

John Alder, Derbyshire

Thermostat Control Reviews

Excellent service, excellent product

``I am very pleased with the heaters and the controls are easy to use. The installation was quick and efficient; I would recommend it to anyone.``

Gillian Lang, Hampshire

New storage heaters – 04/03/2016

``We were very pleased with the installation of the heaters. They are so much more efficient than the terrible old things we had before. Our tenants are delighted. The radiators heat up very quickly and so are so much more responsive than the old type. Well worth the investment and the company and staff have been good to deal with.``

Mrs Smith, Derby

Wished we'd replaced our system sooner! - 6/6/2015

``Having suffered with inefficient 26 year-old storage heaters we were sceptical about replacing them. However, from survey to installation this was an effortless process and the heaters are most efficient which is mainly due to the individual thermostats. Highly responsive to the change in temperature, these radiators seem to heat up as quickly as gas. We also have a log burner and when we light it the radiator just switches itself off. We wish we had changed the old ones sooner.``

Mr Buchanan, Suffolk

Heat we can get just when we want it! – 03/10/2014

``We are so pleased with our new Fischer heaters. They look neat and the fact that they are so controllable makes them really user friendly. We look forward to a warm cosy winter without the hassle of cleaning out our old coal fire or the need to remember to order oil. So thank you Fischer. ``

Rev. Dorothy Marsh,

Does exactly what I want it to do when I want it to do it - 24/11/2015

``Excellent controllable heating system. Had storage heaters that were cold at night but warm during day when we were out. Thought about gas but after refitting kitchen we decided against it. Enter Fischer with a great concept that gives us affordable heat just when we want it. Highly recommended.``

Alan Easton, Lanarkshire

Customer Service

Excellent product - 9/2/2016

``Our experience with Fischer has been first class from the word go. Firstly the explanation of the product was first class followed by the ordering . Goods and fitting excellent no mess and quick efficient workmen .We are highly satisfied and the heaters are efficient and reliable and easy to operate . First Class with no complaints whatsoever. We would recommend them to anyone.``

Lynne Crosby, Northumberland

Extremely Please - 21/2/2016

“I am very happy with my FF heater. The service I received from start to finish was pleasant and efficient. I look advantage of 12 month interest free credit so made it a bit less painful. Completely worth the money.”

Annette Johnson, Peterborough

Very professional

``We were looking for a new heating system that was efficient and as we live in an old house wouldn't be too problematic to install. Fischer Heating became an option. We liked the look of the product. From the first call by the heating engineer to installation has been just great. . The system was fitted throughout the house in a day. No mess! Over this winter it has worked brilliantly. Ease to control with room thermostats. So we are really pleased we had it done.``

Mark Faulkner

Great all round service.

``From having David come to do the survey, to the heaters being installed, we have had excellent service from Fischer Future Heat. The heaters look good, and we like being able to control each room with the individual thermostats. The fitters were very polite, competent and knowledgeable, cleaning up after each heater was fitted. Very glad that we chose to have the heaters installed.``

Kevin Mitchell, West Yorkshire

Fischer Supplementary Heat Reviews

Excellent product - 23/2/2016

``I was sceptical that this produce would effectively heat our very cold lounge. However, it has exceeded all our expectations and we are able to sit comfortably in the lounge without having to have the gas fire on permanently. Our gas bill for this quarter was much less than for the comparable quarter last year and although the electricity bill was slightly higher our overall fuel bill was much lower. It is also a much more attractive product than I had anticipated and is not at all intrusive in the lounge.``

Mr. Withington, Norwich

Transformed my daily life

``We decided to install Fischer to supplement our winter heating which is a wood burning aga range. This has meant no more chilly mornings waiting for the aga to kick in and the transition from summer to autumn has been really good. Cost wise we are impressed they work well with solar and the whole house is warm, considering putting another in the bedroom!``

Kathy Slark

An Excellent heater. - 28/02/2017

``We have a single heater in a previously unheated room. It can be easily and economically controlled, heats up very quickly, transmits heat effectively to the room, and retains heat for a considerable time after cutting out. If we hadn't already got radiators in all other rooms, we would be considering installing Fischer heaters throughout the house.``

Geoff Screeton, North Yorkshire

Installation Reviews

Rep was very knowledgeable, installation was tidy and heating is very good. – 28/01/2016

``Heaters were installed very quickly & old radiators were removed and disposed of by Fischer. There was no cleaning to do after the heaters were installed. ``

Mrs Kendall, West Yorkshire

Excellent product and fautless service from start to finish of installation - 13/02/2016

``Easy to book initial survey which was both helpful and informative as I had not experienced an electric heating system previously. Installation went exactly to plan and rooms left clean and tidy. Heating is now proving to be all I was promised and extremely controllable. My first bill leads me to believe it will not be expensive to run.``

Diane Coe, Oxford

Fischer heaters - 19/2/2016

``Would like to say we are very pleased with our new heaters and the fitters were very good arrived on time the fitting was all done in one day and the men very clean and tidy. I would recommend them to my friends thank you Fischer.``

Mr and Mrs Griffin, Surrey

Really Excellent - 6/11/2015

``The installation of the system was carried out very quickly and most efficiently. I would recommend Fischer to anyone deciding to have central heating installed. ``

Mr Davey, Middlesex

My wife is now warm and happy, that makes me happy too - 16/2/2016

``From start to finish, a job well done. On time, professional installers, no mess. Just as it should be, and the product produces warmth and satisfaction, just as promised. ``

Kathleen Spackman, Milton Keynes

Excellent installation of excellent heaters - 23/2/2016

``The heaters were installed quickly and cleanly. We wish we had had them installed a long while ago as we now have great on demand heating and it appears for less charge Couldn't be happier. ``

Mr and Mrs Hardy, Suffolk

Running Costs

Delight with radiators - 05/02/2016

``Absolutely delighted with the three radiators we had installed last December. You can control the temperature and how long they are on for. Our electricity bills have gone down considerably. They were fitted with no mess and everything was left in good order. Can't recommend them highly enough. ``

Mrs V A Bramble, Hampshire

I keep a close watch on my electricity costs

``It pleases me to inform you that my total electricity costs at the end of October 2014 (one year after the installation) showed a net saving of £130 compared with the same period from the previous year when I still had my original storage heaters. ``

Edward Alcock, OBE

Heating Control at your fingertips

``Excellent product, the wireless temperature controllers are so easy to use, they provide an accurate reading of the actual room temperature which puts the user in complete control. These heaters are so much better than conventional storage heaters and because of their efficiency, home heating costs are significantly reduced. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product. The installation team were first class, arrived promptly on the day and completed the job in no time. ``

David Savory, Reading

Instant Heat

``I had 3 Fischer storage heaters installed in June 2015. My previous heaters were almost 30 years old and very inefficient. The demonstration of the proposed heaters was excellent,well explained and I did not feel pressurised at any time. The day of fitting was easy,both fitters arrived on time and within 2 hours the job was completed and the house left clean and tidy all debris removed and a demonstration given by a competent young man.The first winter my electricity use fell by 49% and my fuel bill now reduced to £49 a month from £80! I love the fact that I can have the heating on when the temperature drops without planning.Wonderful. ``

Eleanor Hickie

With Fischer Future Heating we now have electric central heating throughout the house which is as clean, effective and as economic as a dual fuel system in our all electric house! - 28/1/2016

``We have found the new heaters to be cheaper to run and our bills have been reduced. The smart meter has helped us to gauge the most cost effective temperatures to use for day and night temperatures and on a room by room basis. The other significant bonus is that the heaters are very responsive and it takes no time to increase the temperature when needed. All in all we think changing our heating to Fischer Future Heat has been the best home improvement we've made! ``

Mrs Catterall, Lancashire

Fantastic Heater – 29/02/2016

``Excellent radiator, makes a huge difference to my flat. Easy to control and lots of heat. Also very efficient, thoroughly recommended. ``

Jennifer Stokes, Cumbria

Wonderful heating system, lovely and cozy all the time.

``Having changed over from storage heating we don't regret it one bit. We are in control of the heating for each room and the cost of running is so much cheaper.``

R P Holland

Gas Central Heating Replacement

The heating system is everything I was …

The heating system is everything I was assured it would be and the installation was quick and efficient. The system is more manageable and convenient than the previous water filled radiators.

Wynford Carter

New Bungalow New Heating System

“we recently moved into large detached bungalow and found the central heating not good enough and as i worked with heat exchangers on refineries i looked into fischer heat and had them fitted 12 off throughout the property and well worth every penny.we also fitted solar panels,got rid of gas and believe me it is the best move we ever made.clean,cheap to run and i for one would recommend them to anyone.thanks”

William Silvester, Grimsby

“I’ve had my four Fischer-Future Heat heaters since January 2017 and I’m as over the moon about them now as I was when they were first installed! When the rep promised my toes would never be cold again I was sold! He didn’t lie! I don’t remember feeling this warm and cosy for years!”

| Kate Albion, Cumbria

“The controls and settings are excellent and simple to use, keeping the building warm during the day, but also helping to maintain a reasonable overnight temperature meaning the building heats up much quicker each morning.  Winters are now far more comfortable!”

| Phil Bannister, Harpenden Building Society 

“We have had a Fischer radiator installed in our cold bedroom and it is most satisfactory. The engineers installed it as requested and explained the working. When we went on holiday it was simple to put it on standby until our return when it reverted to the programme without intervention. It is a real success and I would recommend the system. It maintains the required temperature and if any adjustment is required it is simple to operate, even for a technophob like me.”

| Rita Cox, East Sussex

Firing Line Museum, Cardiff, Install Fischer Heating 

“Fischer heaters provide very efficient, clean, controllable heating in an environment where it is important to have heat which is efficient and easy to control”.

| Christopher Dale (Museum Director)

Available on all heating systems†

Exclusive to Fischer elektrostore heaters

Fischer are rated 9.3 out of 10

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100% Renewable Electricity Produced by Wind

As standard all Fischer heaters come with:

High Quality German Engineering

All Fischer Heaters are manufactured by our Master Craftsmen in Germany.

Controllable Heating System

Set each room to the temperature you want with our individual wireless thermostats.

Slimline, Low Input Smart Heaters

Run on as little as 1.9kW PER HOUR.

Exclusive 40mm Clay Core

Patented and designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.

Complete Heating Guarantee

If our heater does not heat your room to 21°C we’ll replace it free of charge. This Guarantee is valid for 12 months from date of order.

10yr Guarantee Warranty Direct

Enjoy peace of mind with our 10 year manufacturers warranty.

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