thermostat Before choosing your room heater the real question to ask is: Where is the temperature of the room measured?
Heaters that have the control panel located on the side or top of the heater lack accuracy, which can result in reduced comfort. This is because the thermostat that regulates the room temperature is located at the warmest area of the room (right where the heat is released). This is an ineffective method of control.

For this reason, Fischer Future Heat supply a wireless thermostat that has a built-in room sensor. This allows you to position the thermostat in the coldest spot within the room, ensuring full heat distribution and total comfort. With the Fischer wireless thermostat you can stay in control of your room temperature. The thermostat can be programmed to work automatically, or set for manual use.
Wireless Thermostat
thermostat pt2 Wireless Thermostat With the Fischer wireless thermostat, you can choose the exact temperature you want each room to be set at. The Fischer system allows you to set a weekly programmer using two temperatures, unlike basic gas central heating systems and night storage heaters.

You can set a programme with the Fischer wireless thermostat, and the heater will switch between your comfort and economy temperature. If you prefer simplicity, you can manual control the wireless thermostat using the central dial. Simply switch between the comfort (sun symbol) and economy (moon symbol) temperature when you enter and exit a room

As each heater uses an independent wireless thermostat you can choose different temperatures for all zones around the house. If you require 21 C in the lounge with a more economic 18 C in bedrooms, you can.

Our wireless thermostat is easy to install and run on 2 AAA batteries. You can choose to have the wireless thermostat wall mounted, or free standing.
thermostat pt3 Wireless Thermostat FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR WI-FI THERMOSTAT All Fischer heaters, including stoves and fireplaces can now be controlled from a smart phone or tablet.

This will improve comfort and help towards further energy savings. The receiver is synchronised with the thermostat. allowing you to change the temperature from your phone – whether you’re at home, at work or even on holiday! Open window function available.