Fischer Clay Core Radiator


Fischer dynamic clay core heaters are the perfect heating solution for any home or business. They can be wall mounted or free standing. The slimline and stylish design makes them fit in any room regardless of the current decor. Coloured in White (RAL9010), they are available in both horizontal and vertical orientation.


Redefining Storage Heating for a Warm Future

Fischer heaters are manufactured to allow a constant warm air flow around a room. Older, conventional heaters are large, bulky, unattractive and waste energy by pushing the warm air up to the ceiling. The Fischer system has surface fluting which radiates from a larger surface area. The fluting draws in cold air from the floor, heats it, then distributes it throughout the room.

Night storage heaters are usually installed on inner walls as they radiate heat back into the wall. Hence putting the heater on a external wall is not advisable

Wireless Thermostat

Heaters that have the control panel located on the side or top of the heater lack accuracy, which can result in reduced comfort. This is because the thermostat that regulates the room temperature is located at the warmest area of the room (right where the heat is outputted). This an ineffective method of control.

For this reason, Fischer Future Heat supply a wireless thermostat. This allows you to position the thermostat in the coldest spot within the room, ensuring full heat distribution and total comfort. With the Fischer wireless thermostat You can stay in control of your room temperature. The thermostat can be programmed to work automatically, or set for manual use.

Enjoy warm and comfort in your home by installing Fischer dynamic clay core heaters. Order with us before 1st March 2020 for 15% off your order. *terms and conditions apply

Warm up your entire home


Fischer Clay Core heaters are perfect for all rooms in your home

Conservatory Heaters

Fischer conservatory clay core radiators can build up the temperature in your conservatory quickly and efficiently using a simple room thermostat.

Bathroom Heaters

Our unique bathroom heaters provide the heat you require in your bathroom to prevent damp & moisture in the air throughout the year.


Tech spec

Fischer dynamic clay core heaters are manufactured in our very own factory in Germany. We take great pride in the creation and design of each heater, ensuring that it is crafted to the standards expected from our valued UK customers.

Our technology is patented and cannot be found in any other heater in the UK. Our customers can rest assured that they can rely on our heaters to keep them warm throughout the year.