Electric radiators that adapt to your heating needs. Low-input and easy to install using a 13 Amp socket. The perfect replacement for night-storage heaters.

Fischer Electric Boiler

A modern all-in-one solution for your heating within your home. Easy swap with your old, inefficient gas boiler.

Fischer Electric Vehicle Chargers

An industry-leading electric vehicle charger that understands user demand and behaviour- delivering an easily controllable car-charging experience.


A space-saving water heating solution using patented thermal-storage technology. Providing your home with hot water on demand.

Aquafficient Eco+

An efficient and economical solution for hot water using air-source technology. Ideal replacement for existing cylinder.

Live sustainably by generating and storing your own electricity through Fischer’s Solar PV and smart battery storage.

Fischer Ceramic Stoves

Modern, low input, with a traditional design to maximize heat output. Using our exclusive wireless thermostat for complete controllability of your heating.

Fischer Ceramic Fireplaces

Handmade electric fireplaces, the perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary homes. Available in various colours to fit the existing décor in your home and easily controllable using our exclusive wireless thermostat.

Our unique bathroom heaters provide heating within your bathroom efficiently. Preventing dampness and moisture throughout the year, with a IPX4 rating. Comes with an optional integrated towel rail and our exclusive wireless thermostat as standard.