How to choose the right electricity tariff in 2022

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When it comes to choosing the right heating for your home, it is important to also choose the right energy tariff.

Whether you are switching to Fischer heaters from gas central heating, night storage heaters or even another form of electric heating, making sure you are paying the right price for your energy is vital.

With a Fischer heating system, a majority of your electricity usage will now be during the daytime. With a night storage system, no matter when you require the heat, the initial charge is always through the night. Because of this, your tariff will be designed to provide cheaper energy overnight, with a slightly higher price per unit throughout the day.

With night storage heaters, energy is wasted when nobody is in the property during the day, which is why many people switch to our controllable electric heating.

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Because our heaters work on a wireless thermostat, with the ability to program the hours you would like your rooms to be warm, they will only start to heat when required. This is often in the daytime. For this reason, ensuring you are on the most cost effective daytime tariff is vital.

For example, with your Economy 7 tariff, you may pay 18p per unit throughout the day and only 10p overnight. This is perfect for a night storage heating system, however with Fischer heaters – it’s not ideal.

Instead, with a flat rate, you could pay around 14-15p per unit in the day, which over a week or a month could be a considerable saving.

For Aquafficient users this is even more imperative. An existing cylinder would generally charge up overnight, also on the cheap rate, however there are many reasons users decide to remove their cylinder. Aquafficient boasts improved efficiency and less heat loss than most domestic cylinders, but the tariff needs to be right.

Once again, a flat rate tariff is the way forward. For low water users, a timer may also be ideal to limit the amount the Aquafficient recharges, potentially saving you further money on your energy bills.

With the right tariff, you can ensure your Fischer heating system is efficient and cost effective.

Our energy partner, Outfox the Market, may be able to offer you a competitive rate. They also offer an exclusive tariff for all Fischer Future Heat customers.

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