How to Set the Fischer WiFi Thermostat

How to use the WiFi thermostat

Have you recently purchased a Fischer heater with the added benefit of WiFi control, but are having difficulty setting it up ready for usage. Here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to set it up. It’s easy to do, trust us! But if you do have any difficulty, feel free to call our customer care team on 0800 103 2723 for further advice.

How to connect a smartphone with Tydom modem

1. Connect the Tydom device to your internet router via an Ethernet cable and also to a power source using a plug socket.

2. Download the Tydom app from the Apple App Store/Google Play Store. On the Tydom app, enter the last 6 digits of the MAC address (this can be found on the reverse of the modem).

3. The app will then prompt you to pick a memorable password. This needs to be 8 characters including numbers and letters and memorable to the

4. Click login/connect. Your smartphone is now connected to the modem.

How to Pair each heater with your smartphone

1. Firstly, set the receiver to association mode by pressing and holding the button and releasing as soon as the light starts to flash. The light will then continue to flash by itself. This is now in association mode.

2. Turn the thermostat off. The only thing showing on the screen should be a letter “i” and the standby button.

3. Now, press and hold the second button from the left until it reads “tAP” in the centre of the screen.

4. Press okay and it will now say “P00” in the centre and a moving bar below it.

5. The third digit in represents how many receivers the thermostat has located. Wait until the number has changed to represent how many heaters you are trying to set up. Eg, “P01” for 1 heater etc.

6. Once it has located all of the receivers, press ok. Ok will only appear once it has found the heaters.

7. It will then show you the wattage of the heater in the top left of the screen. Press okay again.

How to Set Time & Date

Unlike the Fischer wireless thermostats, there is no separate option to set the time and date.

In order to do this, turn the dial to the “prog” setting. The time will then show on the screen. Adjust the hour, press okay. Adjust the minutes, press okay. Now, the date will show (dd/mm). Adjust the day, press okay.

How to Lock Thermostat

When in the off position, press and hold the “i” button until a padlock symbol appears.

The thermostat is then locked and the user can only look at the auto page when thermostat is switched on. To unlock, simply turn the thermostat off and hold the “i” button again until the padlock disappears.

If you need any further assistance setting up your Fischer WiFi control, please call 0800 103 2723

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