Why now is the perfect time to prepare for the cold weather

Everyone has been waiting for summer to arrive. Christmas came and went, and so did the cold weather. The animals have come out of hibernation and Springwatch is back on our TV screens. The sun will show his face any time now and barbecue weather will return. The heating is finally off, but what about next winter?

We all do it. We get carried away with the warm weather and those late summer holidays abroad, but we forget that here in Blighty, the cold weather is always right around the corner… Now is the perfect time to take the first steps to getting your heating sorted for next winter.

Whether you have a boiler or a night storage heating system, we have the perfect replacement.

Night storage heaters are old news. They’re often big, inefficient and they don’t retain their heat for long enough in the cold winter months.

Fischer radiators come with a wireless, easy to use programmable thermostat, allowing you to fully control when you heat your home, rather than relying on the guess work required with night storage heaters.

Our heaters also have a built in convection chamber to assist with the convection of heat, meaning your rooms will be evenly warm and you won’t have to worry about cold feet. They can also be wall mounted or free standing, making them suitable for any room in your home.

Fischer Elektrostore Heater

Containing our patented 40mm clay core, they have been tested by BSRIA, BRE and the Energy Saving Trust to prove their efficiency. We even have a range of IPX4 rated bathroom heaters which come with one or two towel rails, ideal for those cold or damp bathrooms. Not forgetting our range of ceramic fireplaces and mobile stoves, giving you even more options for keeping your property warm this winter.

Hot Water Systems by Fischer Future Heat

Did we mention that we can also offer you an efficient yet simple way to heat your water?

Do away with that old, bulky, noisy boiler and make the switch to the Fischer Aquafficient. Our new revolutionary heat battery technology, paired with a neat, compact and space saving exterior casing makes for the perfect replacement. In fact, the Aquafficient is only half the height of an average 150L cylinder, meaning you can make use of that previously wasted space in your airing cupboard.

With the heat battery itself having an estimated lifespan of up to 50 years, the Aquafficient can produce mains pressure hot water in seconds. No maintenance. No extra valves or fixings. No water discharge pipes.

It stores heat, not energy, making for a much for efficient and effective delivery of hot water to your appliances.

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