Why is a wireless thermostat the way forward for electric heating?

Electric heating systems have changed a lot since they were first invented. Gone are the days of outdated night storage heaters with little to no controllability.

Almost every electric heater you purchase will come with some form of temperature control, but why is a wireless thermostat the best option?

Easier to use and access

Many electric heaters come with a thermostat built in to the side or front panel. For elderly people or in a situation where you wish to install the heater in a room with restricted wall space, this can prove difficult and cause the thermostat to be inaccessible.

Not so good when you want to change your heating program!

By opting for a wireless thermostat, you can position it wherever you like, making it easier for you to stay comfortable and in control in the colder months.

More accurate heat distribution

With a built in thermostat, the temperature sensor is usually at the bottom of the heater. Being right by the heater, the sensor will pick up the room temperature from the warmest part of the room. This means your heater is more likely to switch off before the whole room is warm, resulting in cold spots and a build-up of heat around the heater itself.

With a wireless thermostat, the temperature sensor is built in to the thermostat itself.

You can then position the thermostat on the other side of the room, meaning the heater will not cut out until your room is evenly warm. Sounds like a no brainer, right?


Individual room control

Many people still rely on one central control situated in their hallway or on the landing.

By positioning your thermostat in one of these communal areas, there is a lot of guess work for the heaters to do.

It may get your hallway or landing up to temperature, but it has no way of reading the temperature of each individual room, meaning each room won’t necessarily be warm enough.

With a wireless thermostat for each individual heater, such as with Fischer dynamic clay core heaters, you can accurately ensure each room reaches your desired temperature, keeping you nice and warm in winter.


Left: A Fischer dynamic clay core heater with exclusive wireless thermostat, which comes with every Fischer heater as standard.

Full controllability

With thousands of homeowners still relying on uncontrollable night storage heaters, it’s no wonder people are looking for a more efficient alternative.

A wireless thermostat allows you to dictate exactly when you want to be warm and to what temperature.

Gone are the days of switching on a storage heater and hoping for the best. With a wireless thermostat, you have full control and can make sure you’re comfortable.

Easy to replace

In the unlikely event your thermostat fails, you may have trouble attempting to replace a built in thermostat without disrupting your home. Taking a heater off its mounting brackets, opening up the side panel and replacing a control board is not a simple job.

What is a simple job is receiving a new wireless thermostat in the post and wirelessly pairing it to a heater.

Luckily, all Fischer dynamic clay core heaters come with our exclusive wireless thermostat as standard.

Be in control of your own comfort this winter with Fischer.