What to do with your Fischer dynamic clay core heaters through Spring/Summer

Spring Time Do's and Don’t - Fischer Clay Core Heaters

Spring is fast approaching and it’ll soon be time to switch your heating off until later in the year.

But what should you do with your Fischer heaters through spring when you don’t need heat, to ensure the easiest switch over in autumn/winter? We have the answers.

Don’t turn them off at the mains

By turning your Fischer heater off at the mains, you risk the heater and the thermostat disconnecting. As the receiver on the heater is powered by the mains socket, when it loses power, the receiver can lose connection to the thermostat. To avoid this, all you need to do is turn the dial on your thermostat all the way anti-clockwise (or left) to the standby symbol.

The standby symbol looks like a circle with a line directly through the top. This will stop the heater from doing anything until you turn it back round to your normal heating setting.

Change the batteries before the cold weather returns

The batteries in your wireless thermostat need to be changed every 12 months and summer is the perfect time to do it.

Instead of having to go out in the cold weather and buy batteries from the local supermarket, why not pick some up over the summer and change them?

You will need 2 x AAA batteries for each thermostat. We recommend Duracell or Energizer and preferably not rechargeable batteries.

Fischer Thermostat and Receiver

If you need any advice or assistance on changing your batteries, or anything else regarding your Fischer radiators, give our friendly technical support team a call on 0116 242 55 33.

Wipe over your heaters with a duster, avoiding the use of any chemicals or polish

To prevent a buildup of any dust (which is natural in any home), wipe over the top, bottom and front of your heaters with a soft, preferably microfiber duster. When you switch the heaters back on in winter, you may notice a slight smell coming from the heater, which is simply the residual dust burning off the clay core. By dusting the heater regularly through the warmer weather, you greatly reduce this effect.

P.S. Using any chemicals or polish can damage your heater significantly and for this reason, we strongly advise against it.

Fischer elektrostore™ radiators

And if you don’t already have Fischer radiators…

Now is the perfect time to make the switch. Why wait until the cold weather is back and you need it sorting in a hurry, when you can take time to plan ahead through the warmer months for complete peace of mind, knowing you will be toasty and warm on that first unexpected cold day later in the year? It’s also a good way to help save the planet when you choose Home Hybrid Heating.

The future is electric™ and Fischer help you get there.