What is Home Hybrid Heating?

What is Home Hybrid Heating?

You may have seen our advert over the weekend in the national press introducing the concept of Home Hybrid Heating (or H³). But what exactly is Home Hybrid Heating?

Home Hybrid Heating is the concept of using both your boiler and electric heating to heat your home. Just like a hybrid car, which uses both fuel and electricity, the idea is to use your boiler for 90 days of the heating period and electric heating for the other 170 days.

By doing so, you would massively reduce your carbon emissions, in turn helping to save our planet and prevent harmful climate change.

For many, the inconvenience of switching to a full electric system is too much, paired with the obvious monetary cost of doing so.

For this reason, people tend to keep their boiler and radiators and continue to pour tonnes of carbon dioxide in to our atmosphere.

Although they don’t mean to, this may be damaging our planet.

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere holds heat generated by the sun and prevents it from leaving our atmosphere, thus causing the earth’s temperature to rise.

By switching to Home Hybrid Heating, used alongside a renewable energy source, you can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 40%. All of our heaters can run seamlessly with an existing Solar PV system, providing even further benefits for the climate conscious.

Fischer radiators are the ideal form of heating to run alongside your boiler. No pipework, no noise and no maintenance, as well as mess free, stress free installation. Our heaters also come with a fully programmable wireless thermostat as standard.

You could even take it one step further and make the switch to an all-electric home, doing away with your boiler and wet radiators and replacing them with Fischer radiators for a cleaner future.

Take a small step towards a cleaner future today and go hybrid with Fischer.