What happens during a Fischer Future Heat installation?

You had a survey by one of our trained engineers and were impressed with the quality of the Fischer dynamic clay core heaters and decided to place an order. Next comes the installation.

Our team of enthusiastic, NICEIC and Gas Safe registered electricians and plumbers are on hand to make sure the installation goes smoothly and your heating system is ready to go for the cold weather.

Step 1 – Booking a time and date

Shortly after placing the order, once we have processed everything, you will be contacted by our friendly installations department to arrange a time and date for the installation.

We will always make sure the time and date suit you to a tee.

Step 2 – Pre-installation survey

In some circumstances, we may need a little bit more information than our heating engineer could provide. In these cases, we carry out what we call a “pre-installation survey.” This gives our electrician or plumber the chance to iron out the finer details to make sure your day of installation goes smoothly, with no hiccups. These surveys typically last no more than 30 minutes and help us to help you.

Step 3 – The installation itself

The pre-installation is complete. Our electricians and plumbers have been able to work out how long we need to successfully complete the installation. Next comes the installation day. Our electricians or plumbers will arrive at the set time and will begin by explaining to you exactly what will happen.

They will then lay down dust sheets to ensure there is no damage to your property or any mess left behind.

Next, they will remove your existing system (where required) and prepare everything they need for the new Fischer dynamic clay core heaters. Be it a socket, a fuse board or new pipework for your hot water system – this will all be complete before the new Fischer system is installed.

Now everything is in place, we get to the exciting part – the new Fischer heaters! Our electrician will take precise measurements of where the wall brackets need to go and securely fit them to the wall, leaving no mess.

Once installed, our electrician will run through the thermostat with you, ensuring you are fully confident on how to use the new system. It’s simple to use, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone talk you through the basics. They will even set your heating program for you and show you how to make any changes you may need to make.

Step 4 – Sit back and relax

If you need any further help, our technical support team are on hand to help during our usual office hours.

Now the Fischer system has been installed, you can sit back and relax. Be warm and comfortable this winter with Fischer dynamic clay core heaters.

Request your free catalogue today to begin your journey with Fischer Future Heat.