What are the Benefits of Electric Heating?

With an increased focus on global warming, and action against climate change being taken globally, more and more people are becoming open to the possibility of going all electric (or maybe even going hybrid) to help work towards a cleaner future. Switching to electric heating is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cut your carbon footprint, whilst also having a positive impact on our planet.

But what are the benefits of electric heating? We’ve put together a list of the biggest advantages.

Lower your carbon footprint (when powered by a renewable energy source)

Our planet is in danger.

Our carbon emissions and excessive use of fossil fuels is suffocating our planet and having a massive negative impact on it.

When fossil fuels are burned, carbon dioxide is released in to the atmosphere.

This carbon dioxide is then trapped, unable to escape and holding in heat from the sun, contributing to the earth’s ever rising temperature.

By switching to an energy supplier who uses 100% renewable electricity and using it to power your electric heating system, you can cut your heating carbon emissions to ZERO (at the point of use).

You may still use fossil fuels to power other appliances throughout your property, but heating is one of the main things people use in their homes for 50% of the year.

You could also consider installing a renewable energy source in your home, such as solar panels and battery storage solutions. Solar PV allows you to generate your own electricity, directly from sunlight. This zero carbon option is free to use once installed, and you may even be able to export any excess energy back to the grid for a small payment through the Smart Export Guarantee.

By completely eliminating your heating carbon emissions, you are already doing more than a lot of people to help our planet thrive.


Have you ever set the thermostat on your central heating systemin hopes it will evenly heat each room? You probably have, and it’s nowhere near as accurate as individual room controls.

By using one central control with your gas or oil central heating, which is usually installed in your hallway, you only get to decide the exact temperature of the hallway but you have no say on the rest of your home. This is far from the level of control most of us wish for.

Many users would like the ability to set different temperatures by room, with the option of setting a custom heating program for each room too.

With a central heating system, this usually isn’t possible. With independent electric heaters in each room, it usually is possible.

With Fischer radiators, as well as many other forms of electric heating, you have one thermostat per room, allowing you to accurately set your desired temperature for that room, and that room only. This gives you much more control and in turn, increases your level of comfort.

You can also set an entirely different heating program for each room, giving you full control of every aspect of your heating system, which is perfect for a cold autumn or winter.

No maintenance

Boiler servicing – messy, costly and inconvenient. Having to take a day off work so someone can dismantle your boiler and disrupt your home. Not only is this a waste of time, it is also a cost we would all love to leave in the past.

With electric heating, you will never have to do this again. Zero requirement for servicing or maintenance makes electric heating one of the most hassle free home heating solutions available on the market today.

Not only does it save you time and hassle, it also saves you money, with the average boiler service setting UK homeowners back approximately £72 a year. Electric heating allows you to completely eliminate this cost.

Being able to save any amount of money is something we would all love to do.

Noise free

Have you ever woken up in the early hours of a winter morning to clunks and bangs from your boiler? This is not unusual when your heating system is coming on.

With electric heating, you don’t have any pipework or boilers to worry about, meaning you can relax in peace. Most electric heating systems are completely silent, which is especially good for those of us who are light sleepers.

No disruptions, no noise, no hassle.

A silent way to heat your home and stay warm through the cold winter months.

Of course, there are many other benefits to electric heating, but these are just the ones we think are most exciting.

A future without gas boilers for a cleaner Britain. Choose Fischer.