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It is important to us, that all our customers find their best fit with regards to heating solutions for their homes. With the advancement of technology as well as customer needs and preferences, the ‘one size fits all’ radiators has no place in today’s market. Customers want the best for their homes, and will only buy heating appliances which are most suited to their usage and match the interior décor of their homes. Why should you compromise when you are the one spending the money? Fischer and Fischer’s Premier Range heaters gives you the controllability of what size and design of heaters would reflect your tastes and seamlessly fit the aesthetic of your home.

What are the benefits of vertical electric heaters?

Maximises Space.


Home-owners love the idea of utilising the unusable space in their house. Opting for a vertical heater allows you additional space in your home. While fitting horizontal radiators, you may be worried about the space that will be needed to accommodate the heater as well as shift nearby furniture to allow the efficient distribution of heat. This compromise does not have to be made when choosing your vertical heater. On account of the lesser space required to fit a vertical heater, you could now probably use the extra space to accommodate a bigger refrigerator for example. Being such a flexible and versatile option, vertical radiators fit the likings of both contemporary and traditional houses, be it heating the kitchen, bathroom or even any room with a lot of furniture. At Fischer, our trained heating engineers would keep, meeting your demands as a priority and would advise you with the best heating solution depending on your usage and the availability of space in your home. You could simply book a free no obligation survey with us today.

Doubles as a heating rack.


Vertical heaters, especially in the bathrooms can be fitted with towel rails for drying clothes or simply warming towels. All our Fischer heaters are fully temperature controlled with a wireless thermostat and the 40mm chamotte clay core helps keeping you warm efficiently. We also offer a bathroom-specific tall vertical electric heater. These are IPX4 Rated (splash proof). They help reduce dampness, condensation and the formation of mould. The easy usability of the heaters through the thermostat also allows you to maintain a fixed temperature in the rooms the heaters are located, and you can customise this temperature from room-to-room individually depending on your liking.

Changes or simply fits the look of your room.


Our Fischer Premier range of smartstore vertical bathroom heaters provides you with the option of choosing a natural stone finish on your radiators, available in a numerous colours, making it an attraction in that particular room. The sheer variety of the range and modern designs make it the best fit for home-owners that prefer a more contemporary look. If you prefer a more traditional design, the muted-tone of the ‘Oyster White’ coloured vertical radiators, helps it blend with the surrounding environment and has a more minimalistic appearance. Hence, catering to the contrasting requirements of all our customers

As effective as a traditional horizontal radiator.


The vertical heaters emit the same amount of heat as the horizontal ones, making it an efficient and effective heating solution for your home. They are as practical as horizontal radiators, if not more. On account of them being vertical, the heat rises quicker in the room and radiates the heat around the room equally. Therefore the popularity of such heaters are increasing in the market.

Fischer is a well-known brand in the electric heating industry, and proficient in providing optimal heating solutions for several  customers. We at Fischer do not believe in making the customer compromise, rather aim to fulfill their every heating need. The impeccable design of our products, the vertical radiators in particular will ensure full customer satisfaction and transform the space in your home.