Complete Heating Guarantee

Valid for 28 days only commencing with the first day following installation which falls within heating season of Oct – Apr. All rooms in property must be heated; cannot be more than 2 air exchanges per hour within a room & heaters must be used according to instruction. Does not apply to rooms with open chimney/vents

10 Year Warranty (Radiators)

Heaters come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty (excluding Premier Range which has a 5 year supply warranty) and 2 year warranty on electronic controls (thermostat and receivers). These are product warranties only & do not cover labour which is chargeable separately.

10 Year warranty (Aquafficient)

Aquafficient warranty are as follows: Storage core leaks = 10 year warranty. Scaling of storage core not covered under warranty & remains customer responsibility. Element failure = 5 year warranty (products with replaceable elements only). Overheat thermostat failure = 2 year warranty. Hydraulic assembly failure = 2 year warranty (if not resulting from scaling/foreign objects). Control board failure