Test Result Test found that a Fischer Dynamic heater used only 14.05kW throughout the day (16 hours) when maintaining a comfort temperature of 21c
Energy use: 0.87 kW per hour

A night storage heater requires more than 20kW throughout the night to produce enough heat to achieve the same room temperature.
(Building Services Research and Information Association) Running Costs VIEW BSRIA REPORT Efficiency Testing by BSRIA BSRIA used a purpose built chamber to replicate how Fischer dynamic heaters run under test conditions that were chosen to represent a typical British winter. By setting a low external temperature (-1c during the night, 10c during the day), whilst maintaining an internal temperature of 21C throughout the day and 16c throughout the night, BSRIA proved that Fischer dynamic heaters only use 14.05 kWh over 16 hours, meaning Fischer heaters used as little as 0.87kW/h to heat a room to a comfortable 21C.Further to the efficiency findings, the test highlighted that Fischer dynamic heaters were able to maintain an even temperature throughout the whole room.
Running Costs VIEW BRE REPORT Test Result The test found that Fischer dynamic heaters are able to maintain a room temperature of 21c more accurately than any of the other forms of heating. (Building Research Establishment) Efficiency Testing by BRE This test was conducted in a purpose built bungalow that was constructed to represent a typical solid walled UK house. By conducting the test in a building purposely constructed this way, BRE were able to get a realistic view of temperature control and the consumption of each heater that was being tested. This test was conducted head to head against three different types of heating: Dimplex Quantum, Creda Night Storage Heater and Gas Central Heating VIEW EST REPORT Running Costs Test Result Tested in an Energy Saving Trust trial with traditional electric storage heaters, results show that the electricity consumption was consistently lower when operating the Fischer heating system. (Energy Saving Trust) Efficiency Testing by EST After Independent testing of Fischer heating within actual homes of customers, it has been determined that:
“… the indoor air temperature was more consistent on a day-to-day basis in four of the five properties [with the Fischer system installed], indicating a more stable indoor environment.”

“… householders [with Fischer heaters installed] reported feeling more comfortable and at the same time maintained an indoor air temperature that was an average of 0.7°C lower, suggesting that less energy may be required to maintain desired levels of comfort.”