Gas Central Heating Disadvantages

Most homes throughout the United Kingdom are heated by inefficient gas central heating boilers. Many homeowners are unaware that these types heating systems are highly inefficient and leave you wasting a lot of energy to simply heat one or two rooms.

One of the major gas central heating disadvantages is that each radiator within the property is reliant on one boiler. The boiler is in control of the main temperature. This means that your home will only ever achieve the temperature that the boiler is at. Furthermore, only one room will be close to the temperature that the thermostat / boiler is set at. This is because heat is lost as hot water from the boiler is passed through the gas central heating system. As the water travels through each radiator, the temperature lowers by around 5%. This means that by the time you reach the final radiator, you are left with a cold and uncomfortable room.

Impact on your environment

It is without doubt that gas central heating systems are inefficient to the point where they are effecting your planet. With London Greater Authority (GLA) already recognising the impact gas central heating is having on the city, incentives such as the ‘Boiler Scrappage Scheme’ are being promoted in an attempt to get homeowners to upgrade their old inefficient boilers to modern solution that reduce pollution from properties. Now is the time to start looking for heating solutions that reduce, or rather eliminate pollution, and improve the environment we live in.

Why Choose Fischer Future Heat?

Fischer heaters offer all the benefits of storage with 100% heat transfer into the room without annual servicing. Our heaters are safe, clean and provide an all-round comfort heat from floor to ceiling. In the whole life span of our system, Fischer dynamic clay core heaters cost less than gas and oil. They are the perfect solution that eliminates the disadvantages of gas central heating.

New Bungalow New Heating System

“we recently moved into large detached bungalow and found the central heating not good enough and as i worked with heat exchangers on refineries i looked into fischer heat and had them fitted 12 off throughout the property and well worth every penny.we also fitted solar panels,got rid of gas and believe me it is the best move we ever made.clean,cheap to run and i for one would recommend them to anyone.thanks”
William Silvester, Grimsby 

Switching to a Fischer Heating System

Switching to a Fischer heating system is easy. There’s no hard labor or installation jobs that are associated with oil. Plus the burst pipe gas central heating disadvantage is avoided. Our in-house teams provide a complete service including the removal of old radiators and installation of the new system all done within a day. You get the efficiency of electric heating without having to overhaul the whole house – just change one room at a time. Perfect for a conservatory, loft room, garage or even a loft conversion.

Fischer electric storage heaters use a 13amp socket but this is no ordinary plug-in radiator, it’s a low input storage using half the kW of your old night storage heater. Fischer heaters come with a 10 year guarantee and 2 years for the wireless thermostats.

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Fischer Future Heat Heaters

As standard all Fischer heaters come with:

High Quality German Engineering

All Fischer Heaters are manufactured by our Master Craftsmen in Germany.

Controllable Heating System

Set each room to the temperature you want with our individual wireless thermostats.

Slimline, Low Input Smart Heaters

Run on as little as 1.9kW PER HOUR.

Exclusive 40mm Clay Core

Patented and designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.

Complete Heating Guarantee

If our heater does not heat your room to 21°C we’ll replace it free of charge. This Guarantee is valid for 12 months from date of order.

10yr Warranty Manufacture Direct

Enjoy peace of mind with our 10 year manufacturers warranty.

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