The main purpose of any form of heating is to keep us warm and comfortable. But at the same time it is important that our heating system is both efficient and cost effective to run.

This is because we want to know that we are getting the most for our money. Taking this into consideration, Fischer Future Heat have participated in multiple independent tests with esteemed establishments to prove that Fischer dynamic heaters are efficient and ensure you’re getting what you pay for. Independent testing has confirmed that Fischer dynamic heaters use less energy than other forms of heating such a night storage heaters. Test have also confirmed that Fischer dynamic heaters are able to maintain an accurate room temperature (21c) more effectively.

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Efficiency Testing by BSRIA

(Building Services Research and Information Association)

BSRIA used a purpose built chamber to replicate how Fischer dynamic heaters run under test conditions that were chosen to represent a typical British winter. By setting a low external temperature (-1c during the night, 10c during the day), whilst maintaining an internal temperature of 21C throughout the day and 16c throughout the night, BSRIA proved that Fischer dynamic heaters only use 14.05 kWh over 16 hours, meaning Fischer heaters used as little as 0.87kW/h to heat a room to a comfortable 21c.Further to the efficiency findings, the test highlighted that Fischer dynamic heaters were able to maintain an even temperature throughout the whole room.


Test found that a Fischer Dynamic heater used only 14.05kW throughout the day (16 hours) when maintaining a comfort temperature of 21c

Energy use: 0.87 kW per hour

Product Tested

Fischer Heater, of nominal 2.2k! capacity, with dimensions 1300mm x 610mm x 110mm.

Test Information

The test was requested by Fischer Future Heat UK and was conducted during July 2013. The wireless receiver was replaced with an updated version on the radiator body by a representative of Fischer Future Heat UK before the tests were conducted.

The objective of the test was to determine the total heat input over a 24 hour period into the Fischer Heater, while measuring the room temperature at various heights in the centre of the room, while providing cooling loads to simulate outside temperature.  Maintaining an indoor room temperature at 21˚C for 16 hours and a night time temperature of 16˚C for 8 hours.  With a minimum outside temperature -1˚C and a maximum outside temperature of 10˚C.

Our wireless thermostats can provide a 42% reduction in energy per hour.

The heater tested had a wireless receiver on the side at low level and a thermostat transmitter/sensor on the opposite wall. It consisted of an electrical heater within a fireclay structure, encased in a steel fluted (finned) case.

Test results of Instantaneous power consumption of heaters.

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Test results from experiments to establish running costs of storage heaters and energy consumption.


The total power input to the Fischer Heater during the 16 hour test period was 14.05kWh; therefore the Fischer Heater uses 14.05kWh over 16 hours = 0.87 kW per hour

Low Energy Consumption Using Wireless Climate Control


It also offers a better control of the heat output based on room temperature control, bringing in even more potential savings by eliminating wastage, especially during the spring and autumn months. The level of comfort in each room is vastly improved by maintaining an even temperature during the day and night which is something that the old night storage heaters fail to achieve. Improved comfort and lower bills thanks to the low Fischer electric heater running costs.

Unlike other heaters we do not measure the temperature at the radiator but instead our wireless thermostats measure the temperature of a room away from the radiator, giving you a better heating control and ensuring you feel the warmth everywhere in the room.


Fischer will only use 14.05kW to heat your room for 16 hours when the outside temperate is -1˚C. A night storage heater requires more than 20kW throughout the night to produce enough heat to achieve the same room temperature.

Further testing…

After learning that Fischer dynamic heaters only use 0.87kW an hour (at 21c for 16 hours) in a testing chamber, we decided to partake in further testing to learn how efficient our heaters run under conditions that are more representative of a British Winter day.

Fischer Future Heat Now Test By

BRE (Building Research Establishment)

This test was conducted in a purpose built bungalow that was constructed to represent a typical solid walled UK house. By conducting the test in a building purposely constructed this way, BRE were able to get a realistic view of temperature control and the consumption of each heater that was being tested. This test was conducted head to head against three different types of heating: Dimplex Quantum, Creda Night Storage Heater and Gas Central Heating

The test was conducted to find out whether Fischer Future Heat uses less kW of energy per hour when maintaining a 21c temperature over a 24 hour period compared to the three other forms of heating – Dimplex Quantum, Creda night storage heater and a gas central heating boiler installed with TRV. The test used an outside temperature of 5c, which was chosen to replicate a typical day during the British winter.

The test found that Fischer dynamic heaters are able to maintain a room temperature of 21c more accurately than any of the other forms of heating. Read full test report here.

Tested in an Energy Saving Trust trial with traditional electric storage heaters, results show that the electricity consumption was consistently lower when operating the Fischer heating system.

After Independent testing of Fischer heating within actual homes of customers, it has been determined that:

“… the indoor air temperature was more consistent on a day-to-day basis in four of the five properties [with the Fischer system installed], indicating a more stable indoor environment.”

“… householders [with Fischer heaters installed] reported feeling more comfortable and at the same time maintained an indoor air temperature that was an average of 0.7°C lower, suggesting that less energy may be required to maintain desired levels of comfort.”

“… electricity consumption was more closely linked to outdoor temperatures, indicating better responsiveness and/or controllability with the Fischer heating system.”

“… heating degree-day analysis showed that the electricity consumption was consistently lower when operating the Fischer heating system. “

Fischer Energy Saving Zone

Time Control Vs. Temperature Control

Improve Fischer Electric Heater Running Costs

Heating from cold will always cost you more, not only because it takes longer but because you have more to heat up. When you turn your heating completely off, you allow the fabric of the property to cool down. Consequently when you turn the heating on in the morning, the heat is first absorbed by the fabric and then by the air. Keeping your heating on a background temperature (as opposed to switching it off) will avoid such issues and keep your consumption to a minimum.

The below flow chart shows how Fischer German heaters temperature controlled thermostat helps reduce energy consumption when applying the above principle. As displayed, the heater does not have to lift from a lowered temperature, therefore reducing the amount of time spent consuming from the electricity. Following this method will improve your Fischer electric heater running costs.

An energy saving chart demonstrating how Electric storage running costs can be improved.
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Slimline, Low Input Smart Heaters

A 2.2kW Fischer Heater will only use 14.05kW to heat your room for 16 hours. This is 0.87kW per hour.

Exclusive 40mm Clay Core

Patented and designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.

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If our heater does not heat your room to 21°C we’ll replace it free of charge. This Guarantee is valid for 12 months from date of order.

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