Did you know we are not night storage heaters?

We are Fischer elektrostore

Our 1.9kW Fischer elektrostore heater

is able to warm the same room space as an outdated 3.4kW night storage heater


Fischer elektrostore
dynamic heater

Night Rate

Using off-peak energy throughout the night to maintain a comfortable background temperature.

FFH Moon 70px

Day Rate

Using Trickle charge throughout the morning, afternoon and evening to ensure you remain comfortable in the home all day, everyday.

FFH Sun 70px

Maintaining a comfortable temperature of 21c throughout the day

Warm and comfortable

Only using 0.89kw on average per hour
as tested by BSRIA

View full BSRIA Report here 


Outdated economy 7
night storage heater

 Night Rate

Only storing heat during the night, resulting in limited heat and control during the day.

FFH Moon 70px

Inaccurate temperature control

Inconsistent room temperature

Uses appromately 3.4kW per hour

with added expense on supplementary heating
when storage brick runs out of heat

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