Installation Fischer Future Heat employ fully qualified electricians and plumbers that are N.I.C.E.I.C members and Gas Safe Registered. We work hard to maintain professionalism across all installs, ensuring no issues arises on the day of installation.

On the day of installation, our installers will call you and give an estimated time of arrival. Once they are in your property, they’ll ensure that the installation is done in a safe, and home friendly manner. After the installation, our installers will set the wireless temperature controlled thermostat according to your settings, and hand you a copy of our FAQ guide for reference if you ever decide to change the thermostat settings in the future.

There are no thermostats or sensors on the radiators. The temperature of the room is measured away from the radiator, providing comfort in every space.
Installation process
Installation pt2 Installation process Once on site, the electrician will discuss the details of your installation to make sure they conform to you.

Since our heaters do not require pipe installation, we do not raise any floor boards or carpets, therefore keeping disruption to a minimum. We will remove and discard your existing heaters / radiators for ease and simplicity. A Dust sheet will be used wherever necessary. We will clean up any debris afterwards, making sure we leave your house clean and tidy.

Our fully qualified Gas Safe Registered plumbers will carry out all central heating removals (including the boiler). If required, all wet radiators, relevant pipework plus the boiler will be removed and discarded by us. Any electrical work required will also be carried out during the same installation date that was given.

After the installation is complete, you will be given an installation checklist to tick through. This will allow you time to address any concerns you may have. Please read through this carefully. Then, you will be given tutorial on how to use your new heating system. You will also receive documentation that will help you make the most efficient and economical use of your Fischer heating system. We will ensure that everything has been fitted to the correct standards and if practical, make any alterations to make sure your left more than satisfied with your new home heating system.