Fischer Future Heat
and Steps

We are delighted to join charity patron Rosemary Conley CBE in a new partnership supporting Steps.

“Small steps lead to great strides”

Steps is a registered charity which provides specialist services and support for children with motor learning disabilities or delays, such as cerebral palsy or Down syndrome.

Steps provides a Parent and Child service which enable parents, carers and family members to gain a greater understanding of how motor disorder affects their child and helps them encourage their child to fulfil their potential and achieve greater independence

The founders of Fischer Future Heat, Keith and Maria Bastian are offering their support to this important cause.


“I am so thankful that Keith and Maria and everyone at Fischer Future Heat have pledged their support for Steps. Their ongoing help and kindness will make a real difference to our charity and I look forward to a long and happy partnership.

Since steps was formed in 1994. I have witnessed the huge benefits its work brings to the lives of children it supports as well as to their families. If you donate just£1 per week to Steps you could make a real difference to children with cerebral palsy and other motor dysfunctions”

Rosemary Conley CBE