Fischer Install Into Retired Support Housing

Did you know that Fischer Future Heat have successfully fitted heating in to many retirement homes? Our heaters have improved the comfort of many retired UK residents and have helped towards lowering their consumption and energy bills. Find out how Fischer helped one customer in Newcastle below.

''I am extremely happy with my decision to invest in the Fischer heating system''

Back in January 2016 a customer from Newcastle enquired about Fischer Future Heat for her retirement home.

Before installing Fischer heaters, the customer was heating her home using old, outdated night storage heaters. Having spent many years feeling cold and uncomfortable in her home, she decided that a new, more advanced form of heating was needed.

Her property required a fully controllable heating system that gave her the flexibility she really needed. This is exactly what Fischer Future Heat was able to offer.

After a free no obligation survey by trained heating engineer, Fergus Rosebugh, the customer was quoted for three Fischer heaters to replace her current system. The new system put the customer in complete control of her heating and allowed her to set the exact temperature she required for total comfort.

As all Fischer heaters use a temperature controlled thermostat in contrast to night storage heaters that have little to no control, the customer was able to significantly improve the comfort of her home. Our heaters have also had a positive impact on her annual energy consumption. She states that:

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“I am extremely happy with my decision to invest in the Fischer heating system. I have achieved complete comfort over the winter months, and I have no hesitation in recommending Fischer Future Heat”. 

The customer was soon able to change her energy tariff from Economy 7 to a flat rate. This gave her full control over her heating, and took away the restrictions of a dual tariff. This has improved the customers ability to lower her energy bill across all electric applications throughout the day.

After using Fischer, the customer recommended our heating system to her neighbours. As a result of the customers recommendation, more retirement homes in Newcastle have replaced their heaters with Fischer and they have all seen positive changes to their comfort.

Manager of the Chase Court Retirement Complex has endorsed Fischer, stating:

“the increased comfort that Fischer Future Heat offers has improved the living experience of residence and has also increased the value to the properties.”

If you live in a retirement complex and are looking to replace your current heating system, consider Fischer Future Heat. Request a catalogue using code BLOG045
for more information.

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