Replacing Storage Heaters

Many of us have lived with storage heaters at one point in our lives, and most of us have probably found their lack of controllability and inability to effectively distribute heat quite challenging. If you are looking at replacing your storage heaters, our go-to guide provides all the answers.

How do storage heaters work?

Invented in the late 1940’s, storage heaters are designed to take a charge of electricity overnight on a cheap rate tariff such as Economy 7. They are then supposed to let the heat out gradually throughout the day, keeping you warm until the following night.

Why replace your storage heaters?

Not enough heat when you need it

Although storage heaters are intended to heat your home all day from a single charge, many people find their storage heaters run out of heat by mid-afternoon, forcing them to seek a secondary form of heating.

Storage heaters also lose an extremely high percentage of their heat from the back, which does not end up heating the room in which the heater is installed. For this reason, when storage heaters are removed, the wall behind them is often burnt or damaged from years of exposure to high levels of heat.

Using two heating systems to heat your home once is not efficient, and in the end may be costly to run. There are now much better alternatives available on the market, which deliver the controllability and comfort you deserve.

Lack of controllability

All storage heaters rely on guesswork, regardless of whether they have a manual or digital control.

As storage heaters work by taking a charge overnight, and cannot be charged at any other time, you must decide the night before as to whether you will need heating the following day.

Weather forecasts are notoriously inaccurate, meaning you could wake up on a nice, warm day with your heating system at full capacity. Many users will then open windows and doors in an attempt to cool the storage heater down at a quicker rate, but this is a complete waste of energy and money.

The manual controls on storage heaters are also very simple. They are usually in the form of a small dial, working on a scale of 1 to 5 – numbers that do not refer to any temperature. Instead, this dial controls a small vent on top of the heater. The higher the number on the dial, the more open the vent becomes. No thermostat, no programming, no temperature settings.

Make the switch

Storage heaters are still manufactured to this day; however, there are much more efficient alternatives now available on the market. This ranges from electric boilers, to modern electric heaters.

Fischer dynamic clay core heaters are the ideal replacement for your outdated night storage heaters. Manufactured in Germany, with a wireless, fully programmable thermostat, they are the only German radiator with a single 40mm chamotte clay core.

Electric heaters as an alternative to storage heaters

Increased control

As we mentioned, night storage heaters offer little to no control. With most modern electric heaters, you can be in complete control of your heating. With many offering a digital, programmable thermostat, you can set a heating schedule up to 7 days in advance, whilst also allowing you to set exact temperatures.

However, a wireless thermostat is always preferable. Built in thermostats offer the functionality of programming and temperature control, however they take a temperature reading at the warmest part of the room – right next to the heater.

Wireless thermostats take a temperature reading from wherever the thermostat is positioned, allowing you to control the temperature where you are sat in the room for complete comfort.

More flexibility

Not only do modern electric heaters offer more controllability, they allow you the flexibility of switching on your heating whenever you need it.

With night storage heaters, you are reliant on a tariff that is only in use overnight. This means that if you decide not to switch your heaters on the day before, you’re in trouble.

With modern electric heaters, if you’re feeling unexpectedly chilly, a touch of a button will have you feeling toasty and warm within a relatively short period of time.

Warmer faster

Outdated storage heaters take a full 7 hours to charge to their full capacity. Modern electric radiators, such as the Fischer dynamic clay core heaters, will get your room up to your preferred temperature in far less time – sometimes just as little as 45 minutes.

Even heat distribution

Another issue associated with storage heaters is an uneven distribution of heat. Many users find they constantly live with cold feet, as the radiant heat from their storage heater has risen to the ceiling.

Fischer dynamic clay core radiators offer an even temperature all throughout the room. In fact, the BSRIA test of our heaters found only a 0.5-degree temperature difference from floor to ceiling.

How do you replace storage heaters?

Change your energy tariff

Storage heaters aren’t a viable option without an Economy 7 (or Economy 10) tariff, as they rely on the cheap night rate. However, modern electric heaters have access to electricity throughout the day, so it’s important to ensure you are on the most cost effective tariff available.

Many people opt for a single rate tariff – charging the same rate through the day and night. This usually results in a cheaper rate throughout the day than Economy 7. And because modern electric heaters don’t rely on an overnight charge, this often works out cheaper.

Book a free survey for your replacement

Heating is not one-size-fits-all. You can purchase a heater of any size, but it may not be adequate to heat your room. For this reason, a survey from a trained professional is always the best approach.

Historically, a “large” storage heater was installed in a “large” room, but they were often over or undersized.

By having a survey carried out on your property, you can be sure that the correct size heater is installed to efficiently heat your room, whilst also providing you with complete peace of mind.

At Fischer, we offer a free, no-obligation survey with one of our trained engineers. Call us now on 0800 103 2700 to request your free survey.

Installation and removal of old storage heaters

In order to accommodate your new electric radiators, you will of course need to remove your existing system. This can be tricky, as storage heaters are notoriously bulky and extremely heavy. Your socket will then need to converted to a 24-hour supply by a qualified electrician.

Here at Fischer, we can do all of this for you. Our team of qualified electricians will dismantle, remove and discard your existing storage heater, and sort out all of the electrical work for you.

Program your thermostat

As we mentioned, your new electric heating system will come with a thermostat. This thermostat will allow you to set a custom heating program, but you’ll need to decide on the times you would like the heaters to be on.

Once again, our team of qualified electricians will guide you through how to use our thermostat, along with setting your initial program. We will also leave you with a simple-to-follow instruction manual, just in case you need it in the future!

Request your free brochure now to find out more about our dynamic clay core heaters.