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Fischer Future Heat have always operated with integrity, quality service and fairness which is evident with thousands of satisfied customers in the UK and Germany. This has given us an excellent rating on independent review sites, Trustpilot & feefo from genuine customers.

Fischer Future Heat will continue to manufacture and install our quality appliances in UK homes.

The future is electric.

Below are the comments of our independent, international leading scientist.

“Our low input storage radiators can reduce your electricity consumption up to 40%”

The analysis in the report shows that the night storage heater can consume from 1.6 (when powered for 5 hours) to 2.24 (when powered for 7 hours) times more than the tested Fischer Future Heat products. 

“Fischer heaters use less power than night storage heaters”

When powered for the same number of hours, Fischer Storage Heaters use less power than static night storage heaters but they have to be powered following a different time-pattern.


“Compatible with Economy 7”

A user might choose to remain on Economy 7 and still use Fischer dynamic storage heaters. However, this would require the careful choice of a convenient Economy 7 tariff.


“Reduce Energy Wastage”

Due to its internal heat storage, the heat release from Fischer storage heaters can be finely controlled to closely match the heat demand. This avoid room overheating and the consumption of higher energy than what is needed for the thermal comfort.

“Use Less Energy”

This sentence is correct and has to be read together with the considerations in Paragraph 9 of my report. The BRE tests commissioned by Fischer Future Heat UK have shown (with results summarized in Table 1 above included in the answer to comment 3) that, when powered for the same number of hours, Fischer dynamic storage heater consume less energy than static storage heaters and Gas Central heating.

“Lower energy means lower running costs”

This sentence is true when all the heating systems under comparison are powered for the same duration.

Electric Storage Heaters

Fischer dynamic storage heaters can be classified as storage heaters since they integrate a heat storage element. A technical classification for storage heaters can be found in the British Standard BS EN 60531:2000+A11:2019. However, a technical standard is an engineering guideline to manufacture state-of-the-art products. In Paragraph C.2.5 this standard describes the set of assessments and calculations that should be followed to judge the suitability of storage heaters to certain room conditions. The features of the room are included in the calculations as well as the dynamic profile of the heat demand and of the storage heater charge. The heat-demand profiles are essential for the definition of the storage heater suitability.

“Our survey is designed to save you money”

A conversion from static night storage heaters to dynamic storage heaters saves money whenever it is powered for the same number of hours to match the heat-demand, in combination with the right tariff.

“Fischer dynamic storage heaters use up to 50% less energy than your gas boiler”

Gas Central heating results significantly less efficient. Its energy consumption is 1.47-1.58 times higher than storage heaters when operated with the same heat-demand pattern. Therefore, 50% is a correct value.

heating systems were compatible, safe and appropriate to be installed using the existing power source and electrical arrangements present in the consumers home.

All of our heaters leave our factory conforming to CE (Conformité Européenne) and OVE (Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE) Testing & Certification) certification standards, which is approved for the heaters to be used with a plug.

From OVE’s website ( The Austrian Safety Mark is a synonym for safety and quality of electrotechnical products. Our certificates facilitate the access to the market on national and international level and are the basis for the necessary EU declaration of conformity for your products. The OVE mark thus sends a signal to all consumers and relevant authorities that the product complies with the legal requirements according to the Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive.


Every Fischer Future Heat customer has 14 days in which to cancel their order and obtain a full refund. Fischer Future Heat remains committed to honouring any cancellations within the 14-day period. 

No customer has ever been refused their refund within the 14-day cancellation period.

We may, due to seasonal factors, from time to time, incentivise customers with discount in order to boost sales, which is a perfectly legitimate practice.