New Year, New Heating

Winter is upon us – and it’s only going to get colder. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your heating system to Fischer dynamic clay core heaters. Fed up of relying on outdated night storage heaters, giving you little to no control and poor heat distribution? Our modern, electric heaters can help.

Fischer dynamic radiators are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, only 11cm in depth and available in a classic oyster white colour.

Manufactured to include a purpose built convection chamber in the back, their sleek, modern appearance does not impact on their efficiency.

But, Fischer dynamic clay core radiators are not only slimline, they also offer many other benefits.

Along with the fact they are aesthetically pleasing, they are also built to be efficient and controllable for complete comfort and peace of mind.

They have even had their efficiency tested and verified by EST, BRE and BSRIA.

In fact, EST said, “In an Energy Saving Trust field trial of five properties, where traditional electric storage heaters were replaced with Fischer Future Heat Dynamic Electric Storage Heaters, householders reported feeling more comfortable and at the same time maintained an indoor air temperature that was an average of 0.7°C lower suggesting that less energy may be required to maintain desired levels of comfort.”

Our dynamic radiators also contain a purpose built convection chamber and patented 40mm chamotte clay core.

Our 40mm clay core is DOUBLE THE DEPTH of the core found within many of our competitors’ heaters, which is usually 20mm. More storage resulting in more heat and more comfort.

Wi-Fi control options are available, allowing you to control your heating from anywhere in the world, all with the push of a button.

Request your free catalogue today to find out more about our exciting range of products, including hot water solutions which can also help you save space.

Our Aquafficient can store four times more energy than a domestic water cylinder in a unit half the physical size.

Not only does the Aquafficient give you a much more efficient solution when it comes to heating the water, it also saves huge amounts of physical space.

An Aquafficient unit, which provides 150L of hot water, is only HALF the height of an average 150L cylinder. If you have ever wanted to utilise that wasted space in your airing cupboard, now is your opportunity with this ideal replacement for other hot water systems.

It’s never too late to make a change – enquire today and be prepared for the cold weather.

Be warm this winter with Fischer dynamic clay core heaters