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Dynamic Storage Heaters

Fischer Future Heat always strive to ensure our customers are receiving the best service we can provide. As such, we contact all our customers post installation to ensure everything is going well. On occasions, after our follow up calls, we are lucky enough to receive positive feedback on either Trustpilot or Feefo. If we’re really lucky, we’ll also receive an image of the customers Fischer dynamic clay core heaters after they have been installed. This is exactly what we got from happy customer, Mrs Colton, who was nice enough to send us an image and also write a fantastic review! Find out more about Mrs Colton’s experience with Fischer Future Heat below.

Fischer Dynamic Clay Core Heaters are slimline and look great

Satisfied customer Mrs Colton was renovating her flat in Torquay and made the informed decision to change from what she called, “terrible night storage heaters,” to our innovative dynamic storage heaters. Our heaters have many advantages over old night storage heaters and they look much better too. With Fischer dynamic clay core heaters, Mrs Colton can finally heat her flat to an accurate temperature, which is something she could not do with night storage heaters.

“The engineers who came to install the heaters were friendly and professional and demonstrated how to set up the thermostat clearly.”

As well as seeing improvements to her comfort throughout the property, Mrs Colton was also happy with the service she received from Fischer Future Heat and was impressed with the free survey. She says, “The initial survey was informative and there was no pressure to sign up”. On top of this, she was pleased with our customer care team and states that, “The customer service was excellent. Would highly recommend”.

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Interested in Fischer Dynamic Clay Core Heaters?

If, like Mrs Colton, you’re renovating your flat and are looking at replacing your old night storage heaters with something better, contact Fischer Future Heat today. Our innovative dynamic clay core heaters have proven to improve the comfort and efficiency of so many homes across the whole of the UK!

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