Introducing the NEW Aquafficient Eco Thermal

Introducing the new Acquafficient

The introduction of various energy regulatory mandates, such as the Future Homes Standard, seek to reduce the worrying pollution statistics highlighting the damage that the consumption of fossil fuels is having on our planet.


Here at Fischer Future Heat, we understand the impact changing to renewable heating systems has on the reduction of harmful environmental pollutants. This is why we continue to work tirelessly to provide the British public with innovative, renewable home heating solutions.



That is why we are pleased to introduce the leading-edge Aquafficient Eco Thermal.


Operating through solar and wind energy, the duo-renewable Aquafficient Eco Thermal heats water with two renewable energy sources. Initially using solar energy in order to heat water to 60 degrees centigrade; if the water does not reach a suitable temperature it will then use energy from the air.


There is nothing more unpredictable and unreliable than British weather. We know there is no way we can control the weather, but we can guarantee the efficiency and reliability of our latest water heating innovation.


Suitable for homes with Solar Thermal technology installed, the Aquafficient provides a renewable water heating solution that doesn’t compromise on efficiency due to the climate. Working in conjunction with Solar Thermal technology, when there is a lack of sunlight access, the Aquafficient Eco Thermal converts energy used for heating water through an Air-Source heater. The duo-renewable technology of this heating system means that you can enjoy hot water all year round, without compromising on efficiency or performance.

Just like the alternative water heating solutions we offer here at Fischer Future Heat, the Aquafficient Eco Thermal comes with a 5 year warranty as standard, as well as an automatic anti-legionella disinfection system. You can rest assured with the knowledge you have access to hot water on demand, without harming the environment or your pocket. 


The Aquafficient Eco Thermal is designed with efficiency and resourcefulness in mind, the duo-renewable nature of the design combines the highly efficient performance of our Aquafficient technology with completely renewable energy sources. It can be installed as an individual hot-water heating system, or can be combined with the other electric heating solutions offered here at Fischer Future Heat.


With these newer and modern options, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are making the necessary changes for a greener tomorrow.


We all require hot water all year round, so why not change to a renewable water heating system and begin making the steps to future-proof your home and reduce your carbon footprint, as well as your energy bill.