Introducing the new and improved Fischer thermostat

Our thermostat has always been one of the best things about our radiators.

Precise temperature control, allowing you to set your desired temperature to .5 of a degree. A fully customisable program, which allows you to set exactly when you want each room of your home to be warm. A frost protection setting helping you avoid frozen pipes and cold, damp rooms when you go on holiday during the colder months. I bet you didn’t think it could get any better?

It just has. Introducing, our brand new and improved thermostat. As well as boasting all of the existing, incredible features, it now has even more to offer.

What has changed?

Lockable with a 4 digit code

Our new thermostat gives you the option of setting a 4-digit pin code, meaning your innocent, yet curious grandchildren can’t change the settings leaving you to boil after they go home. The 4 digit code is fully customisable, giving you almost 10,000 different possible combinations. It would take a real genius to figure out the code!

More accuracy

Our previous thermostat gave you the option to set a different temperature setting for each hour of each day. Our new model now gives you the ability to program your thermostat in 30-minute blocks, rather than hourly blocks, giving you the option for even more customisation.


Convenient free standing mode

No more separate stand – our new thermostat has a built-in, fold away attached stand for convenient free standing mode.

Easy wall mounting

Our previous thermostat was wall mountable, but our new system is even better. Each thermostat comes with a wall mounting plate. Simply secure this plate to your wall with 4 screws and you can easily click your thermostat in to place.

Want to take the thermostat off the wall? No more removing any screws! All you have to do is gently pull the thermostat off the wall mounting plate. Easy.

Ergonomic design

With a digital display boasting larger, more obvious characters and larger, easier to press buttons, our new thermostat is ideal for everyone.


Easy battery change

Our new thermostat has been designed with the customer in mind and it is now easier than ever to change the batteries. Simply pop open the flap on the back, remove the batteries and install two new ones. Job done.

With this new technology, our heaters are now better than ever.


Please note: the new thermostat was launched in late 2018.

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