How To Set & Program Your Fischer Thermostat (WITH VIDEO)

It’s come to that time of year where people are putting their heating back on, and even deciding to extend their existing heating program.

With a Fischer heating system, it’s easy to do, but just in case you need a bit more help, we’ve made a quick video guide on how it’s done. We also have some recommendations for you!

Our recommendations

We have a few recommendations for anyone who is altering their heating program or temperatures.

A lot of people think that leaving the heating completely switched off overnight will save them money.


All this means is that on a cold winter morning, when the outside temperature is in the minuses, your heater will have to stay on for longer to warm up your room.

If you use an overnight economy temperature, it keeps the fabric of the building warm and means your heater only has to warm the room by a few degrees every morning.

By having a 3-5 degree difference between the two temperatures, you ensure your heater does not have a lot of work to do to get the room up to temperature.

The temperatures

For a living space, such as a lounge, we recommend 21 degrees on your comfort setting and 16-18 degrees on your economy setting.

For a conservatory, we recommend 19 degrees on comfort and 16 on economy.

For bedrooms, hallways and other rooms throughout the home, we recommend 20 on comfort and 15-17 on economy.


When it comes to programming your thermostat – don’t sacrifice your comfort to save a few hours’ worth of energy. As humans, we’re not cut out for the cold, so we need to make sure we are in control of both our comfort and the temperature of our homes.

Many people program their heaters to switch off way before they need them to, in an attempt to cut their energy usage. The advantage of Fischer heaters is you have full control.

We would advise anyone to set their thermostats to only heat the rooms to the comfort temperature when they are in use. The rest of the time, leave the heaters ticking over on the economy temperature. Simple!

Our heating program

Our offices are open from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday and every room has at least one Fischer heater installed in it.

To make sure we are all warm during working hours, we set our thermostats from 8am to 5pm.

By setting the thermostat from 8am, it ensures by the time we arrive at 9am, the building is already warm.

We operate on temperatures of 21 and 16. We’ve also never heard anyone complain about being cold, thanks to our Fischer heaters.

If you need any further help, you can give our technical support team a call:

Monday to Friday, 9am and 5pm

Saturdays, 9am and 5pm.