How to save energy during the COVID-19 outbreak

With most of the country stuck at home, energy use is naturally going to increase. It’s a worrying time as it is without having to think about increased bills. So, we have jotted down some of the best things you can do to limit your consumption and save energy during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Turn down your thermostat 

If you reduce the thermostat by just 1⁰C, the average home can cut bills by up to £90 a year. Give it a try, you will barely notice the difference in temperature and if you are struggling, and at the risk of sounding like your Grandma –  put a woolly jumper on.

Rid your home of pesky draughts 

One of the cheapest ways to reduce heat loss and in turn keep your energy costs down is to seal up air gaps throughout your home. Invest in a pack of adhesive foam strip for doors, loft hatches and windows. Amazon will still deliver! Chimneys and fireplaces are notorious for sucking the heat out of a room and if you don’t use them, a handy tip is to block the gap with an inflatable pillow. Easy work for even for the least enthusiastic do-it-yourself aficionado. -These simple jobs can knock £50 off your annual bill.

Switch off!

We have all been guilty at some point of leaving a room and forgetting to switch off the light. But, even if you turn off for a short period of time you will see a difference in the size of your bill. It takes far less power to switch it back on again than to keep it running. The same can be said for all home appliances. Unplug TV’s and computers at the wall before bed to avoid paying needless standby costs. It takes just a few moments of your time and it really does make a difference.

Enjoy a good old cuppa

Being at home more will inevitably lead to plenty more enjoyment of our nation’s favourite beverage. This is all well and good, but many of us have the habit of filling the kettle right to the top. This of course leads to wasted energy. If you boil just the right amount for your brew you’ll be keeping your energy use in check.

Go green with your lightbulbs

Lighting your home accounts for a whopping 18 per cent of an average family’s electricity bill. Changing your bulbs to energy saving bulbs is an absolute must. The best bet is to change to Light Emitting Diode bulbs (LED’s). Industry expert’s research has proven that over a year the typical home can save up to £240 on electricity costs.  Yes, these bulbs are a bit more expensive than standard ones, but it has been proven that your initial investment will be recouped within five months. The great news is that they also last for at least 18 months, far longer than traditional and less efficient bulbs.

Switch Energy Supplier

Becoming savvier with who supplies your energy can save you over £400 a year. In recent years transferring your energy supplier has become a lot easier and should be free from hassle, so it is certainly worth spending a bit of time shopping the market. We look for deals with car and home insurance and at the supermarket so it makes sense to do the same with our energy costs. Even if you are happy with your current supplier it is good to check that you are on the best tariff available and that you are paying your bills in the most cost-effective way.  We recommend Outfox the Market, their prices are over £350 cheaper than the government price cap and the energy they supply is 100% renewable. You can get a quote here in just 30 seconds.

So there we have it, a few simple tips that you can begin to use now which take hardly any time to do but could make a significant difference to the size of your energy bills in this challenging time.