How the Fischer Smart Wi-Fi control system can make your life easier

Fischer Smart Wi-Fi Control

We Brits love a good holiday. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to sunny Barcelona, or a break from our cold, wet winter on a cruise in the Mediterranean – you can’t beat it.


But what happens to your home when you are away? Many people have an underlying anxiety about frozen pipes or out of control heaters, but with the Fischer Smart Wi-Fi control system, you no longer need to worry.

Okay, go on…

Every one of our heaters can be fitted with our Wi-Fi control system. Our NICEIC registered electricians will install, set up and explain the system to you in full, so you can benefit from all of the exciting features it has to offer.


You only need a handful of things to make it work. An internet connection, our special Modem (which connects to your existing broadband router) and the Fischer Wi-Fi thermostat & receiver.


Our electricians will plug in the modem, pair it to the heaters and set up the app in a matter of minutes – it’s that simple.

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What can it do for me?

Designed to give you complete control away from home, it allows you to make use of all of the thermostat functions remotely, and more!


Firstly, you can control the room temperature of each individual room that is heated by Fischer radiators. Simply navigate to the room in question, see what the current room temperature is and increase or decrease the setting to your preference.


Driving home from work and want to come in to a toasty warm house? Simple. Just increase the temperature setting on the app an hour before you are due home and when you arrive, you will have complete comfort.


Alternatively, you could make use of the built-in programming that the app offers. Simply open the app, choose the day, the time you want the heat and the temperature you want the room to be, and you will never have to manually adjust your thermostat ever again. You can customise the programming for all 7 days of the week, at any hour you wish.

Electricity Bill

Perhaps you are concerned about your energy consumption? Our Wi-Fi system offers the ability to track how much energy your heaters are consuming.


During the initial setup, each thermostat is set with the kW (kilowatt) rating of each heater.


This allows our Smart Wi-Fi control system to calculate your usage based on the length of time the heater is on for. Clever, right?


It doesn’t just give you the option of controlling your heating remotely, it gives you complete peace of mind that everything is just fine at home, allowing you to relax.

How about tenanted properties?

It is also ideal for holiday lets and other kinds of tenanted properties. As a landlord, you know that short term tenants can sometimes cause you a headache, by leaving the heating on full blast while they go out, or even after they leave the property.


With our Wi-Fi control system, you can override any changes the tenants make on the handheld thermostat in the property, ensuring you do not see a spike in electricity costs or damage to your property.


You can also set up a frost protection temperature, if for example your property is going to be empty throughout the cold winter months.

What if I already have Fischer heaters but I have the non-Wi-Fi thermostats?

Not a problem. We can change your existing thermostats over to the Wi-Fi control system.


One of our qualified electricians will visit your property and convert your existing heaters to the Wi-Fi option, while also explaining how it all works for complete peace of mind.


Simply give us a call on 0800 103 2700, quoting your customer reference number and someone will be able to provide you with a price for upgrading.

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