Heating Without The Need to Touch – Fischer Dynamic Clay Core Radiators

Brrrrr…is the heating on?

Ever walk in to a room and have to walk over to the radiator and physically touch it to see if it is warm? If you have ever had central heating in your home, you will know exactly what we are talking about.

 But it’s not just central heating that leaves you feeling unsatisfied and uncomfortable. Oh no, it can happen with all forms of heating, especially outdated night storage heaters and other inefficient electric alternatives.

It’s Science

It is scientific fact that the most effective way to feel warm is by combining both radiant and convected heat. Radiant heat can be felt close to the source, but does not spread throughout the room, leaving you without that even, comfortable level of heat you desire.

Remember sitting around the fire as a child to keep warm? That’s because there is no convection – only radiant heat!

By using a form of heat that only radiates heat and does not convect, you often have to check to see if your heater is warm by physically touching it. That tells you that your heating is not distributing the heat, leaving you cold and disappointed and that form of heating may well be a complete waste of time!

The Solution

With Fischer dynamic clay core radiators, you will never have to touch your heating system ever again. Not only do our heaters come with the advantage of a fully wireless programmable thermostat, allowing you to remain in control from anywhere in your home (or anywhere in the world with our Wi-Fi option), our heaters are also designed to give you the best of both worlds, combining radiant and convected heat.

 All Fischer dynamic clay core radiators include our purpose built convection chamber. This convection chamber allows the heater to provide a much more comfortable level of heat, often heating a room to your desired temperature in under 45 minutes. Sounds much better than a 7 hour charge of a night storage heater, right?

 To allow the purpose built convection chamber to work, our clay core is situated towards the front of the radiator, creating a space at the back for convection. This is the convection chamber we talk about.

 As the clay core is positioned towards the front, the level of radiant heat is increased. Pair that with the superior convection and you’re set to be comfortable all winter.

The density and depth of the 40mm exclusive clay core. 

The Future of Home Heating

With the effect a Fischer heater can have on your home, you will be able to walk in to a room and know instantly that your heating system is doing the job, without touching a thing. You will feel a comfortable level of heat instantly, and you won’t have moved a muscle!

 After a short while, you will forget your old ways of touching your radiator to make sure it’s warm. Fischer heaters will give you peace of mind, allowing you to sit back and relax, never having to worry about your heating system again.

Our programmable thermostat can be programmed for every hour of every day to a precise temperature, meaning you can come downstairs in the morning for breakfast and your home will be at the exact temperature you desire.

We’re challenging you – does your heating system leave you needing to touch to confirm its warmth? If so, it might be time to make a change! Fischer dynamic clay core radiators are the change you need.

“A good heater is one where you feel the warmth in the room, removing the need to touch your radiator to confirm its warmth.”