Why Is Heating Control So Important?

An efficient heating system that delivers the increased comfort you desire, matched with the convenience of low running costs, is important. But, all of this can only be achieved if your heating system is fully controllable, room-by-room. It is because of the lack of room-by-room control that so many homes across the UK remain inefficient, resulting in high bills and discomfort around the house. Unless homeowners are willing to improve their heating controls, their efficiency levels will remain capped. Find out why control is so important to the efficiency and comfort of your home.

If like much of the UK public, your home is heated by gas central heating or night storage heaters, you may be aware that the controllability of these systems is limited. Gas central heating, for example, uses one control unit (central thermostat) to heat the whole house, whereas old, outdated night storage heaters require a level of prediction to ensure you get the right amount of heat.

We know what you’re thinking – systems have improved. Gas central heating now has TRV, whilst night storage heaters have more responsive controls. But, does this mean that they have really improved?

TRV may allow homeowners to control the room by room temperature, but to what extent? For one, the levels of effectiveness aren’t always that great and rooms can still remain uncomfortable despite your efforts. Then, whilst the room temperature is controlled, the efficiency and output of the boiler is jeopardized as you continue to pump out more heat than you really need.

Night storage heaters may have become more advanced, but the same tired principle of storing heat overnight results in cold evenings and added expenditure when using other heat sources because the night storage heater has run out of heat.

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What if Fischer Future Heat were to suggest an alternative method of heating?

Our low input dynamic clay core heaters warm rooms independently. Each heater in each room is controlled by its own thermostat which allows for increased efficiency and noticeable improvements in comfort.

The proof is definitely in the pudding with our heating. We put our dynamic clay core heaters to the test against gas central heating and night storage heaters and found that they use less energy and offer increased comfort benefits. The results of our independent BSRIA, BRE and Energy Saving Trust test can be found here.

“…heating degree-day analysis showed that the electricity consumption was consistently lower when operating the Fischer heating system.”

To bring you back to the original question of ‘Why is control over your heating so important?’ we put it to you that if your heating doesn’t have the necessary control you need for each room, you’ll struggle to maintain a warm, comfortable, efficient and cost effective home. We’ve tried and tested this theory and have learnt that staying in control of your heating is the best option for any home across the UK.

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