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Fischer elektrostore™ radiators

Conservatories are notorious for being difficult to heat. Often freezing cold in winter, or boiling hot in summer, they can be a thorn in the side of any homeowner. But with Fischer radiators, your issue can be resolved.


Many conservatories have very low windows, in order to facilitate the large amounts of glass conservatories usually possess. This can be a problem when it comes to finding the correct heating solution. Maybe you could try a portable heater, like our ceramic electric stoves. Or perhaps you need a heating solution which is manufactured specifically for conservatories?

Our low level radiators have been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and ideal for your conservatory, taking in to account the limited wall space you may have.


Available in two different heights, they contain the same patented heat technology as the other types of radiators in our range. In addition, they boast the same level of control and efficiency, also coming with our fully programmable wireless thermostat. This also saves you having to use the one or two standard-height walls your conservatory may have, allowing you to retain space within the room for other uses.

Installing a Fischer radiator in your conservatory also has another benefit. With a gas central heating system, you need to turn on your whole heating system just to heat your conservatory. Not with Fischer. As all of our heaters can be controlled independently, you don’t need to suffer throughout the rest of your home in an attempt to heat your conservatory. Simply set the thermostat for your conservatory heater and enjoy the independence of electric heating.


Having one central hub to control your heating is illogical. Every room is different and so is the temperature of it. If your thermostat is in the hallway, how does it know the temperature of your conservatory? The simple answer is it doesn’t. By having a thermostat in each room, the temperature your heating achieves is much more accurate, helping you to stay comfortable throughout the winter months.

With conservatories being difficult to heat, you may be wondering about your energy usage. Well through our FREE no obligation survey, conducted by one of our trained heating engineers, we make sure you have the right size heater for your space. One of our heating engineers will measure your room, take in to account the heat loss factors, such as the level of glazing in the windows, and recommend the size of heater you need to efficiently heat the space.


No more electric fan heater chugging away for 12 hours a day, Fischer radiators will make sure you can be comfortable in every way possible. They allow you the option to use your conservatory all year round.

Our conservatory heaters, just like the other radiators in our range, also contain the purpose built and patented convection chamber. Many different types of heating have external fluting to allow the cool air to flow through them, eventually producing warm air from the top. Our heaters are different. To avoid the addition of unattractive external fluting, we incorporate a convection chamber within the heater, helping to make our heaters easy on the eye and aesthetically pleasing.


Make the change today and do away with old, bulky and unattractive night storage heaters. Contact Fischer Future Heat and request your FREE no obligation survey. Allow our heating engineers to show you how different life can be when you install a Fischer elektrostore™ radiator in your conservatory.

If you would rather have one of our portable ceramic electric stoves, our heating engineers can also help you with all the information you require.

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