The concept of stored heat with precise temperature control

Simply set the temperature, then let the heating element and 40mm clay core storage work in tandem to deliver the comfort and economy for you.

Night storage heaters have always been inadequate in maintaining temperature control in a room. Your room is either too hot or too cold, wasting heat and energy whilst leaving you without the comfort you need.

Fischer have designed a dynamic storage element that has a 40mm clay core. Electricity and storage work in tandem to provide you with maximum efficiency and comfort. The use of less kW with Fischer compared to night storage, delivers better temperature control in the room and is more energy efficient, saving you electricity every day.

This principle will deliver cheaper running costs.*

How does it work?

  • The room thermostat is set at a desired programme for day/night.
  • The heater calls for electricity and heats the clay core system.
  • Once the element switches off, the clay core system then maintains the room temperature by distributing the stored heat.
  • This cycle is continued as long as the room thermostat is calling for heat. This is the essence of dynamic storage heating.
  • *Our dynamic heaters can continue to use an off-peak Economy 7 rate at night to maintain the economy temperature of 16°C – 17°C. Then at around 5am the thermostat can be programmed to heat the room to a higher 21°C to lift the temperature ready for the day.

The saving is greater in Spring and Autumn,
when the outside temperature can fluctuate more often from day to day.

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Compare to night storage heaters