Fischer Dynamic Clay Core vs Novo Rad Radiators

Dynamic Clay Core Radiators

Fischer dynamic clay core radiators are one of a kind – nothing quite compares to them. But there are plenty of other options on the market. In this blog, we’re comparing our Fischer heaters to Novo Rad heaters, another German electric radiator available on the UK market.

Fischer Dynamic Clay Core Heaters

All Fischer heaters are constructed with steel sheeting, a patented 40mm clay core and include a purpose built convection chamber.

We also offer an exclusive wireless thermostat, full temperature and program control, as well as a perforated core allowing air flow to have direct contact with the element for improved comfort and heat distribution.

Dynamic Clay Core Heater

Novo Rad heaters feature a 23mm clay core, a slight upgrade from many 20mm clay core heaters, but still nowhere near as good as our 40mm clay core. More core means more heat retention and a more comfortable heating experience.

Our 40mm clay core is patented and you won’t find anything even close in any other heater on the market.

From looking at Novo Rad heaters, you can see they do include fluting on the front of the radiator, but the flutes are significantly wider than on a Fischer heater. This means there are less flutes on each radiator, thus meaning the heat distribution is less. The large number of flutes on a Fischer radiator mean you actually have three times the surface area of steel on the front of the heater, giving you more radiant heat, which only improves your comfort level.

Dynamic Clay Core Heater in Conservatory

We mentioned earlier that we offer an exclusive wireless thermostat with every radiator as standard. Novo Rad also offers a wireless thermostat, but it is not one that is exclusive to only their heaters. In fact, a few other companies also provide the exact same thermostat as Novo Rad.

The Fischer wireless thermostat is our own technology and is our own design. No generic components or third-party controls – when you buy Fischer, you buy with confidence.

From experience, the Novo Rad thermostat does not include the locking feature our thermostat includes, something which is vitally important for landlords or holiday let properties.

Novo Rad heaters do also allow air to come into direct contact with the heating element, but as the heater is significantly slimmer, any convection chamber in the back of the heater will naturally be much smaller, allowing less convected heat to come from the heater.

Not only are Novo Rad heaters different in many ways, but the price also does not include installation. This means you are left to find your own electrician to install your new radiators. Here at Fischer, our installation is free of charge, giving you complete peace of mind.

Also, Novo Rad does not offer low-level radiators for use in conservatories and are all one standard height. They also do not offer a bathroom radiator in the same style as their main products.

Both Novo Rad and Fischer radiators require zero maintenance and are completely fit and forget.

The Future Is Electric™ and Fischer helps you get there.