Firing Line Museum Install Fischer Future Heat

From over 60 years experience supplying German heating, Fischer Future Heat have installed into many unique and interesting buildings, one of which is the Firing Line Museum, Cardiff. They have recently installed Fischer heaters into their office and Waterloo exhibition room. 

Fischer Future Heat Installed into Firing Line Museums Waterloo Room

Firing Line Museum is a museum in Cardiff, Wales that celebrates Welsh soldiers over a period of 300 years. There are various areas around the museum that showcase and educate about wars that have involved Welsh soldiers, including: Waterloo (1815), Rorke’s Drift (1879) and the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

Firing Line Museum contacted Fischer Future Heat with heating requirements for their Waterloo room, as well as their offices. This was an interesting project for Fischer Future Heat as the museum required a specific type of heating that is clean and controllable.

Fischer Future Heat is perfect for the Firing Line Museum as our heaters are independent, unlike gas central heating that requires extended metres of copper piping, as well as boilers that can be expensive to run and service.

Fischer heaters distribute warm air that is heated by a patented 40mm chamotte clay core. The way the heaters are designed ensures that warmth is dispersed throughout the whole room. What’s more is they come with a wireless thermostat that can be positioned in the coldest spot in the room, guaranteeing complete heat.

The Firing Line museum has used Fischer heating since 2016 and have felt the positive effects of the system. Museum Director, Christopher Dale states that:

 “Fischer heaters provide very efficient, clean, controllable heating in an environment where it is important to have heat which is efficient and easy to control”.

If you require heating in a unique environment that has specific requirements, consider Fischer Future Heat. Our low input heaters have vastly improved the comfort and efficiency of many homes, businesses and unique buildings.

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