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This section has answers to a range of questions that our customers ask regularly. To help guide you through the page, each questions has been put in a relevant section. If you have a question that has not been answered on this page, get in touch. Call us on 0116 242 5533.

Wireless Thermostat

If you think there is a problem with your thermostat there are a number of simple tests to see if it is working.

    1. Turn the dial on the thermostat to the comfort mode (Sun symbol)
    2. Check to see if the flame (which symbolises that the heater is active) is on your screen.
    3. If the flame is present, decrease the temperature to 10°C by pressing the minus button. The flame should disappear after a few seconds.
    4. Then increase the temperature to 30°C by pressing the plus button. The flame should then reappear after a few seconds

This test shows the wireless monitor and heater are working correctly and the heater is acting accordingly. If there are any further problems with your heater or thermostat do not hesitate to call us and we will help you rectify any problems.

To syncronise the wireless thermostat with the receiver you must first switch off the heater at the plug socket. Now Leave the heater for a few seconds. Then turn back on by the plug socket.

Now, turn the thermostat to standby and leave for 30 seconds. Then turn the dial to the sun position and increase the temperature to 30°C by pressing the plus button.

If working correctly, a flame will appear on the screen and the red light will appear on the receiver that is positioned on the bottom side of the heater. This shows that the heater and the thermostat are now connected. If this doesn’t happen then follow the instructions in the manual to synchronise the thermostat and heater.

The cover can be lifted off using a screwdriver on the side to push the front off. Once this has been done, you will see the batteries in the front of the thermostat. Replace the batteries the correct way up and then replace the front of the thermostat.

Turn the dial to moon for the night setting before you go to bed. When you wake up turn the dial to the sun for the day setting. Please bear in mind that the heater would take at least an hour until the room is brought up to temperature.

Heat Production / Storage

Fischer use a modern concept of heat production and storage with a chamotte aluminium based ceramic fireclay core. Chamotte is a fireproof clay core mixed with up to 45% aluminium oxide, which allows the core to heat up quickly. The core can be fired up to temperatures of 1500°C making it a very heat resistant ceramic clay core. The chamotte clay used inside the heater heats up quicker and retains its heat for longer, which will further reduce heating up time and also electricity usage.

In the mornings the heater can take half an hour to get to the desired temperature. This depends upon the size of the room and the desired temperature for that room. Due to 100% efficiency with our heaters, once this has been achieved a trickle charge to the heater is used to maintain the desired temperature for the room.

The 40mm chamotte clay core is exclusive to Fischer storage heaters – and allows it to heat up faster and retain heat for longer than other similar slim line storage heaters. The Fischer heaters use a trickle charge to our heat storage with 100% heat transfer into the room making our heaters a far more efficient heating option for your home. Plus, the flexible control and programmable thermostatic temperature regulation means you only heat each room in your home as desired, day and night. If used with our electronic control system, they also deliver maximum savings compared to night storage over a heating period of 230 days. N.B. The heater would take longer to heat up and use a lot more energy if it has been left throughout the night to go cold. This is why the night time economy temperature of 16 °c is very important as this means the heater will only have a small amount of work to do to achieve the desired temperature in the room for when you get up.s.

If you have purchased our heaters as supplementary heating. Our heater would have to operate in conjunction with the other heating in the room. If the main heating is switched off, our heater will not operate efficiently, as our heater is not acting as supplementary heating but operating as the primary heating for the room.

Heater Activation

The heater may look as if it is off or not working properly. However this is due to the thermostat controlling the output of the heater. If the desired temperature in the room has been reached then the thermostat will stop the heater from producing heat. This is the most efficient and economical way of heating your home as you are only using the heater when you need it. You can check if it is using electricity by seeing a red light on the small white receiver box on the side of the heater.

The heater would NOT stop giving off heat due to the chamotte clay inside that stores heat. However, the heater would not be able to heat up if there was a power cut as there is no electricity to heat up the chamotte clay core. The heater would not need to be reconnected with the wireless monitor as this runs on batteries and would send a signal to the heater when the power returns to continue the heating programme that you have set.

The heater will be on all the time, but this is to maintain the day (sun) and night (moon) temperatures that have been set. The heater will be on throughout the night for very short periods to maintain the desired lower night temperature of approximately 16°C. This ensures that the room does not fall to a very low temperature. This is very important, as when the heater moves to the day (Sun Symbol to go here) setting, the heater will not need to use a large amount of electricity to get the room up to the desired day (sun symbol to go here) temperature as there are only a few degrees between the two settings of sun and moon. To be sure, make sure that your night (moon Symbol to go here) temperature is not higher than 16°C.

The night time temperature for conservatory should not be higher than 12 Degrees. The day time temperature should not exceed 20 Degrees. During the winter months, with the conservatory at 20 Degrees the room is comfortable. In order to achieve higher temperatures, measures can be taken to insulate the conservatory such as thermal blinds and draft proofing by checking for air leaks at the intersection between the roof and the windows.

In order to obtain maximise efficiency whilst the heater is operating the rooms should not be ventilated using windows, if you do need ventilation please ensure you switch off the thermostat. All vents in the room should be sealed, all chimney should be blocked and sealed for air tightness. Please ensure you taken simple draft proofing steps to further ensure efficiency. Always operate the thermostat, using the economy temperature over 24 hours and selecting the comfort temperature only when desired for each room, which can be programmed and pre-set. Draw all curtains at night to keep heat in. Thermal lined curtains can provide better insulation than double glazing. Make sure you check all windows and doors for draughts and undertake draught proofing in any problem areas.

Please check the temperature on the thermostat if this is approximately at your set temperature then the heater will remain off.

Size / Weight / Colour

We have three different heights available: 250mm, 400mm and 600mm. The width of the heater would depend on the size of your rooms and other heating variables which would be found at the survey.

Our electrical storage heaters range from 16kg up to 60kg depending on the size required. Although this weight may seem large, this is small in comparison to the weight of the night storage heaters. We also have electric stoves which are mobile electrical heating units and these range from 40kg to 80kg.

No, the pearl white colour is provided as the only colour heater we do. Due to most types of heaters (e.g. radiators, night storage heaters,) slowly changing in colour due to heat exposure, we have chosen pearl white as our only colour for the heaters. If you have them in white the colour could change over the years. However, our mobile Electric Stoves have a variety of colours available as the stove exterior is made with tiles. Colours available are ivory, green, brown, black and blue.

Customer Service

No, the heaters are manufactured and customised for you in our factory in Germany then sent through to us here in the UK to be installed immediately. Our head offices are fully heated with our heaters and you are welcome to visit us in Leicester to see how they perform. However, our engineer will demonstrate how the heater works when conducting the survey with an example heater that they will bring.


No, unless you are having your existing night storage heaters removed by our installers. In this case, you would need to turn off the night storage heaters at least 24 hours before we arrive to install our heaters (preferably 48 hours before if possible). This ensures there is no stored heat left in the night storage heater and it can be removed safely by our installation team.

Yes, our storage heaters run off normal 13 amp sockets, see above if your property has economy 7. The mobile electric stoves that we provide also use a normal 13 amp socket and have a 2.5 meter cord (longer cable can be provided on request).

Yes, our electrical storage heaters are able to use the electricity provided by solar panels. The solar panels provide electricity through your mains fuse board, throughout the day as they run off daylight. When they stop producing electricity throughout the night your house and our heaters would run off the normal electricity from your electric provider.

Our system does not affect metering of your energy supply. The economy 7 night and day fuse board is still in place allowing you to alternate between economy 7 and normal electricity rates. Our installation team bypasses the timer for economy 7 thus not having any effect on the metering of your energy and allowing the heater to work throughout the day as well, giving you the warmth when you need it.

Energy Tariffs / Running Costs

If the house is using Economy 7, the heater would be connected to that Economy 7 socket. However this would be converted by our installers to a normal 13 amp socket so that the heater can be used at any time of the day or night and still use the off-peak energy for the first few hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, due to there being a variety of storage heater sizes, we are unable to provide a time period for the recovery of the installation and product costs. The technical surveyor would have to visit the property to assess the room that the heater is meant for, as they need to precisely calculate the heat required in order to give you a storage heater that is exactly right for that room. At this time, they would go through any queries you have about our heater and its efficiency in comparison with night storage heaters. Nevertheless, here is an example of the savings that can be made: An average sitting room of 4.5m x 3.5m with a ceiling height of 2.5m would require a 3.5kw night storage heater. Yet in the same room, only a 1.9kw Fischer storage heater maybe needed. Making a substantial reduction in kw. A 3.5kw night storage heater running for 1 hour @ 7p per unit would cost 24.5p per hour. A Fischer heater of 1.9kw running for 1 hour (using a combination of a day rate of 14p and a night rate of 7p on a 55:45 split) would cost 1.9kw @ 10p per unit = 19p per hour. Thereby bringing in a potential saving of up to 5p per hour, which is a massive saving on your bills.

No, the economy 10 tariff (similar to the Total Heat Total Control scheme in Scotland) means that your heating system is allocated times in the afternoon, evening and night that it can receive off peak electricity. However, you have no control over the times chosen for the off-peak rates or when a boost of electricity occurs which is controlled by the electric provider. Moreover, this tariff requires you to pay a daily standing charge for the off-peak electricity,plus you pay a much higher rate for your night and day units. The fact is these tariffs were designed for the old type high load storage heaters and as Fischer low input storage heaters use upto 45% less kW ,we advise you to opt for Economy7 tariff, which works out more efficient.

Our electrical storage heaters would give you complete control over your heating, decrease your electrical usage and give you instant heat when you need it most, so that you are in control of your heating needs, not your electricity provider. This makes perfect sense as you can determine the precise consumption of energy for each room to maintain a comfortable temperature using our wireless room thermostat.

Our running costs are calculated on the basis of 230 days of the year. Hence, to evaluate the running costs after a few weeks does not give you an indication of the overall cost of heating. For Example: Some customers installed in Winter have closely monitored their electricity costs for a few weeks whilst the heater is working and then calculated the annual cost based upon those figures. This does NOT give an accurate annual cost for our heaters electricity usage. For a week in December/ January, the units used will be higher than a week in February/ March. This is why our running cost calculation is an average daily cost per day, based upon 230 days of the year. By replacing a 3.5kW night storage heater with a 1.9 kW Fischer Storage – you are making up to 45% reduction in the input energy of your heater. So that in future years, as the energy prices rise, this brings in greater savings.

As they are low input heaters, when we have removed all your night storage heaters, which is normal 3.5kW, we would have installed the Fischer heater of 1.9kW Thereby, reducing the kW used by 45%. However, you still make use of your Economy 7 tariff, for 7 hours energy intake during the hours of 12AM – 7AM and If the program is not for an all-day temperature. If the program is not set for an all-day temperature the heater uses a boost to top up the storage element, using the normal day time electric on a trickle charge basis(which means only topping up when required.) Hence using electricity in the most efficient way. Also this is particularly useful during spring and autumn. When from one day to the next the temperatures vary by as much as 10 Degrees, so for example: on a warmer morning, you may wake up and find the heater off. This is completely normal, as they are saving you energy. Even though our heaters use day energy, if operated correctly would consume less units to operate your room at a desired temperature through the days and evenings. Something which is unachievable with Night Storage Heaters.


Fischer heaters come with a 10 year guarantee for the heater and 2 years for the wireless thermostats. Can the radiators be supplied by supply only? Yes, however this would affect the guarantees that we give with our electrical storage heaters. Our trained installation team would need to do the installation in order for the guarantees to be valid, as we can guarantee that they will install the heaters correctly and in accordance with all building and installation regulations.

Aqua water heating

The Aqua water heater can be used with any water supplier so long as they provide mains pressure water.

When you initially turn on the hot tap, you draw the water that has been stood in the pipework between the Aqua Ecoscale and the tap itself. It is not until this water is drawn off that you then receive the hot water that is generated by the Aqua water heater. This would be experienced with ANY boiler

The hot water which is delivered through your taps is your mains cold water which
has been instantaneously heated by our appliance. This means that the hot water
produced is therefore the same quality as your incoming mains supply and should
therefore be of drinking quality.

You have no exposure to stored water and there is nothing our unit can do to
influence the quality of your water. The Aqua eliminates the risk of
legionella or dangerous bacterial growth affecting your hot water supply.

Your Aqua appliance is designed to meet with Building and Water
Authority Regulations, which stipulates that hot water is routinely delivered to tap
outlets at no less than 50°C – 55°C.

These temperatures prevent the growth of micro-organisms within your pipe work
and eliminates the risk of legionella and harmful bacteria within your hot water. You
can therefore have absolute confidence that the hot water that you use to bath and
wash with is completely safe.

While 50-55 degress guarantees safe water quality, we do understand
that this temperature is very hot. Older people who have more sensitive skin, may
have restricted movement and be unable to react quickly. They are consequently
more vulnerable to scalding, especially if ‘stuck’ in a bath or shower.

The temperature of the hot water cannot be ‘turned down’ at our appliance due to
the risk of bacterial build up within your pipework, but it can be reduced at the outlet
itself through the installation of a thermostatic control

Noise will generally only occur when the unit heats. The unit contains a stainless steel cylinder holding 100 – 200 litres of water, which will make some noise when heated, in the same manner a kettle will obviously make considerable noise heating a far lower quantity of water.

The Aqua water heater’s flow rate is: 25 litres per minute

If the powercut is LESS than 24 hours: You shouldn’t need to do anything. The Aqua and timer will be set the same as they were before.

If the powercut MORE than 24 hours: You will need to reset your timer to the same preferences as it was set before. If you require hot water before the timer settings have heated the water you can produce hot water on demand by pressing the ‘boost’ button.

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Fischer Aqua will operate at mains pressures as low as 1 bar and as high as 5 bar although the recommended range is 2-3 bar dynamic at the appliance.

The Fischer Aqua copper cylinder is guaranteed for 5 years

The Fischer Aqua electrical components including the immersion elements are guaranteed for 1 year.


Even though they are mobile, the heaters are sized for a specific area or room, hence it is important whilst operating the heaters that the doors need to be kept shut. It would not be advisable to try and heat a larger area with the mobile heaters as it would incur higher running costs. With stoves, please bear in mind that the receiver for the thermostat is located on the underside of the mobile stove.

Available on all heating systems†

Fischer Future Heat Heaters

Fischer are rated 9.3 out of 10

Exclusive to Fischer storage heaters

As standard all Fischer heaters come with:

High Quality German Engineering

All Fischer Heaters are manufactured by our Master Craftsmen in Germany.

Controllable Heating System

Set each room to the temperature you want with our individual wireless thermostats.

Slimline, Low Input Smart Heaters

A 2.2kW Fischer Heater will only use 14.05kW to heat your room for 16 hours. This is 0.87kW per hour.

Exclusive 40mm Clay Core

Patented and designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.

Complete Heating Guarantee*

*If our heater does not heat your room to 21°C we’ll replace it free of charge. This Guarantee is valid for 12 months from date of order.

10yr Guarantee Manufacture Direct

Enjoy peace of mind with our 10 year manufacturers Guarantee.

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