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Premier Range
Style without Compromise Our Fischer Premier radiators bring efficient heating with a stylish design to blend in with your homes current décor. Available in a number of finishes in white, this elegant natural stone electric heater is suited to both contemporary and classic homes.

They are slimline and will blend in seamlessly around your home. They are easily installed with convenience using a 13 amp socket.
Patented Silox All Premier smartstore radiators are heated by an exclusive Silox Stone. This is the storage element that retains heat, making Premier smartstore more efficient than direct electric panel heaters that have no storage component. Our Natural Stone range contains both an external and internal storage element, providing optimum heat output. Patented Silox Stone Technology Heat your Home The Premier range is perfect for any room in your home. As Premier smartstore bathroom radiators heat fast, they’re ideal for bathrooms, reducing dampness, condensation and mould. What’s more, they are great for drying nearby objects thanks to the radiant heat that is dispersed from the front panel.

A towel warmer option specifically designed for drying towels / clothing is also available.
Heat your home
Your radiator Our Premier range comes in a variety of stylish finishes to accommodate any home. Bring nature into your home with our natural stone finishes or choose our paintable radiator for full customisation. Your radiator.
Your design.
Premier finishes Choose from four stylish finishes Eco Heat Paintable Finish White Slate Natural Stone Black Slate Natural Stone Classic Finish Complete Control Complete Control All Fischer Premier radiators come with an easy to use wireless thermostat. All thermostats are temperature controlled and work alongside a sensor with pinpoint accuracy. The thermostat's temperature sensor measures the room temperature to ensure all areas of the room are heated to a warm and comfortable temperature. REQUEST FREE CATALOGUE Made to Order Made to Order All of our products are made to order, ensuring quality is maintained across our product range.

This ensures you receive the latest and most up to date version of our products, taking advantage of any technological advances.

The manufacturing process only begins once you have placed your order, allowing us to manufacture your products to their specific requirements.