Direct vented cylinders is a more traditional method of supplying hot water to your taps. These types of water cylinders utilise gravity and feed your taps with an even flow of hot water. They are heated using a immersion element that is screwed directly into the tank. These cylinders are usable on flat rate and economy 7 energy tariffs and are controlled by an accurate timer that pre-sets the times the water is heated during the day.

Direct Vented Cylinders - What are they?

A direct vented cylinder is the ideal water heating solution for traditional UK homes. Many UK homes will already have a vented hot water cylinder installed. Unless recently updated, most will be an old outdated copper cylinder that has a blanket wrapped around the outside.

Fischer Future Heat provide and install updated direct vented cylinders that come with a modern foam lagging that improve heat retention, ensuring hot water stays warmer for longer. 

Most, if not all direct vented cylinders will come with a header tank that is located in the loft. This part of the system sends cold water through to the actual cylinder ready for heating. The header tank also operates as an expansion vessel if the water in the cylinders rises too high when heated. This allows so much of the water to escape from the cylinder and be redistributed back to the header tank.

Is a direct vented cylinder right for your home?

If you currently have a direct vented cylinder installed and are happy with the way water is distributed, but feel the retention of the stored water could be improved, then a new, foam lagged direct vented unit is right for you! But, if you’re unhappy with the pressure you receive from your taps, and feel an improved flow rate is required, we recommend a Aqua thermal store.

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