Aquafficient Eco+ AquafficientEco+ is our brand new air source water heater, designed to provide hot water to your home quickly and efficiently.

Using air as its main energy source, AquafficientEco+ is a renewable product, requiring minimal maintenance that can be undertaken by the user.

A robust, titanium heating element is also built in as a backup, meaning you will never be without hot water.
Technical The Future is Renewable Fossil fuels are on the way out, and renewables are on the way in. The UK Government are making this push, and the road to zero carbon has begun.

Air is all around us, so utilising it to heat your water is a smart decision.

The Aquafficient Eco+ uses the warm air in your home to compress a refrigerant, which is heated as it turns from liquid to gas. This refrigerant then enables the transfer of heat to the water in the Aquafficient Eco+ system, so you can enjoy water heated to an optimal temperature.

Air source water heaters can be two to three times more energy efficient than a conventional water cylinder.

Thanks to the special design of the compressor, Aquafficient Eco+ can provide hot water of up to 60c.
Source: Department of Energy, USA
Installation One single socket With a power requirement of less than 10amps, Aquafficient Eco+ requires only a standard 13amp socket to install.

It also requires access to an external wall to install one single vent pipe to allow cool air to flow to the outside.

Aquafficient Eco+ also contains an automatic anti-legionella disinfection system and the whole unit comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
AquafficientEco+ is not suitable for installation in a flat/apartment.

Installation next to an external wall is required.
What about heating? The possibilities are endless... Much like the Aquafficient, Aquafficient Eco+ can be used alongside a heating only boiler, allowing you to both heat your home and water efficiently.

You can also use Aquafficient Eco+ as a stand-alone hot water system, or even combine it with Fischer dynamic clay core radiators.
Acquafficient Eco+ Air Source Boiler
Sleek, modern design Sleek, modern design Built with a stainless steel casing, 80mm of highly efficient insulation and finished in white, Aquafficient Eco+ has a sleek, modern design perfect for any home, looking far better than any modern cylinder.

Aquafficient Eco+ can either be wall mounted or floor standing, allowing to fit in with your existing decor. It can even be installed in a loft to allow you to save room within your living spaces.