Electric Central Heating vs Gas – Fischer EB

Which is better Electric Central Heating or Gas. Which one is better for UK Homes.

There are over 26 million gas boilers installed in homes and offices around the world, but many people don’t realise that despite being extremely popular, they are not necessarily good for our environment

Along with many other activities, carbon dioxide is released when we burn fossil fuels to power our homes and industry. Coal, oil, gas and other types of fossil fuels are all culprits.

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere holds heat. This prevents the heat from exiting our atmosphere, causing the global temperature to rise. Methane given out by landfill sites absorbs and traps 20% more heat than carbon dioxide, causing even further problems.

With government officials and independent bodies worldwide pushing for lower net carbon emissions and cuts on pollution and harmful processes, gas boilers are becoming a thing of the past.

Our Fischer EB requires no servicing or maintenance and doesn’t even need a flue or a chimney, allowing for a much more stress free installation and day to day running. Fit and forget.

With many gas combi boilers, a central thermostat is offered and is usually wall mounted in a hallway. As this thermostat only takes a temperature reading from the central point of your home, the only area which will ever get up to your desired temperature is the hallway.

With Fischer EB, there is even the benefit of the wireless thermostat and programmer, allowing you to have full control of your boiler from anywhere in your home. If you position the thermostat in the coldest part of the home, the boiler will not stop heating until even the coldest part is warm, meaning the whole house will be at your desired temperature

Electric Central Heating with Fischer EB

There is also the added bonus of less water storage in the Fischer EB, reducing the amount of water and energy you waste by heating the stored water that you may not use. Electric Central Heating is best for UK Homes.


Zero emissions at the point of use, no maintenance or servicing and a more controllable, comfortable heating experience.


The Future is Electric™ and We will help you get there.