Choose the Fischer Electric Combi-Boiler. Keep your existing radiators and pipework and simply replace with an efficient ZERO carbon electric boiler today.

Manufactured with the highest quality AISI 316L stainless steel.


  • Due to their small cylinders, wall mounted boilers do not provide adequate hot water for baths.

  • Fischer Electric Floor-Standing Combi Boilers are the only cylinder with a quick response time – perfect for long hot baths.

  • In most homes the quality of the Fischer Electric Combi means no requirement for an extra cylinder.


Fischer EB also comes as standard with our unique wireless thermostat technology for complete comfort and control. You can choose exactly when your property is heated and the exact temperature it is heated to.

Our thermostat is completely wireless, allowing you to take a temperature reading from the coldest part of your property to ensure complete heating comfort through the colder winter months.

No longer will you have to worry about your heating control with Fischer EB.

Before – our customer had both a storage heating system and cylinder/immersion heater linked together for his hot water supply. There was also a further large piece of equipment in the loft to assist with the heating of water.

After – Following our installation, the customer is left with just one piece of equipment – a Fischer EB, half the size of his cylinder in the same cupboard. The heat storage system has been removed and he is left with a lot more space for storage in his house.

Manufactured with over 50 years of industry experience in industrial electric boilers, the Fischer Electric Combi-Boiler is built with robust steel and cutting-edge technology.

Built to last – The Fischer Electric Combi-Boiler stands apart from all the other boilers in the market without the need for an external cylinder.

Fischer EB -The Number 1 Choice For Electric Boilers


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