What Effect Does Gas Central Heating Have on the Environment?

Today, World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that the air pollution kills 1.7 million Children a year, which highlights the need for more efficient systems to reduce risks worldwide. With fossil fuels such as gas and diesel being used continuously throughout each day, it is no wonder that those who live in UK cities are also in danger. It has been stated that pollution is now a greater risk than Ebola or HIV.

Whether you live in the city or the country, you are exposed to air pollution. With this in mind, it has never been more important for us – that means you – to start making a difference. You may have already started by upgrading old appliances, or changing your habits i.e choosing to walk to work rather than drive. But what more could you do to help towards lowered air pollution across the UK?

What can we do as individuals?

Whilst powers of the world are working hard to lower pollution, there is a lot that can be done by the individual to help prevent pollution. For a start, we can rely on vehicles less. But, on a more practical level, we can make improvements to our homes that will result in less environmental impact whilst also improving our quality of life.

Blame the Boiler…

Most homes throughout the UK are heated by gas – whether it is from the grid or supplied by a tank. This is a fuel that causes a lot of pollution from both production of heat and the way gas systems heat the home. Did you know that gas central heating loses around 25% heat as the produced heat is transfered from radiator to radiator throughout the home? This means that more heat (meaning more fuel and pollution) is required to warm each room in the house. This is inefficient for both the environment and your home!

Tired of looking out the window and seeing steam vaping through the air? That is an exact example of pollution…

The Inner City Issue...

Air pollution is a big issue in inner city areas where masses of people live and work. Furthermore, these areas are very inefficient from all perspectives. Bigger cities, including London are putting measures in place to make a difference. Older cars, for example are charged a £10 fee in London. This is because older cars are inefficient and therefore pump out more pollution.

Maybe something should be done with heating and energy supply?

At Fischer Future Heat, we are well aware of the effects gas central heating has on the environment. This is why we continue to work hard at improving homes across the UK by installing efficient electric storage heaters. With the general consensus being that gas central heating is the best heating system to install, we are fighting a uphill battle. But, day by day we continue to make a difference, and have installed over 200,000 of our heaters into more than 30,000 homes. Many of our customers have reported increased comfort levels, more control and a positive effect on their heating bill. Should the positive effect our heaters have on the environment be seen as a bonus, or as a key reason to replace gas central heating with a cleaner system?

Even the Royal College of Physician suggest replacing gas systems in their BREATH acrostic

Look at the below image. Can you see the difference between gas central heating and Fischer Future Heat?


How can Fischer Future Heat Help?

Fischer Future Heat can help prevent air pollution. As our heaters require no fossil fuels to run, the system comes at a pollution free cost from the point of usage. What more, there is no wastage from the system! Therefore you only use the amount of energy that is required to heat a room. This cannot be achieved with heating systems that require gas to run.

How can Fischer Energy Help?

Working alongside our leading heating brand, Fischer Energy provides environmentally friendly electricity through wind farms and renewable energy. Producing electricity this way reduces carbon emissions and as a result limits the amount of pollution that is distributed into the air. By installing Fischer Future Heat heaters and running them on Fischer Energy’s one fair tariff, you can make a huge difference and reduce air pollution across the UK.

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