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Our country has depended on gas central heating for aeons now, and on account of this, we deter from the mere thought of switching from gas heating to electric; and rightly so.

We have been so comfortable using gas heating. The research on our planet’s sustainability has brought to light the ill-effects of using gas heating, along with the negative impact it has on our environment. The more ecological and environment-friendly choice is electric heating. As there are many misconceptions in the minds of people regarding switching from gas to electric heating, we provide you with a thorough guide on the reasoning behind switching to electric, as well as the steps it will entail.

Why should you switch from Gas to Electric?

It isn’t unheard of that humans have significantly contributed toward global warming and are harming the environment through our ill-actions. This in-turn has led to the UK Government taking strict, immediate action to ensure the UK’s emissions are net zero by the year 2050.

One of the Government’s new rules is a complete ban on installing gas-boilers and heaters in all new homes by 2025. The fact we have been using gas central heating for so many years has caused us to become reliant on it, and such a stringent Government-mandated regulation only highlights the urgency of our responsibility to take ownership of our actions and begin conserving the environment. As gas heating is one of the biggest contributors to increased carbon emissions, it makes electric heating not only the next, but also the most suitable course of action.

Electric heating not only takes a toll off the environment (when powered by a renewable energy source) but it is also easy to install and often, virtually maintenance-free. It is a versatile heating option because of the flexibility in the adjustment of temperature from room to room, depending on your heating needs. It is also very simple to program and is a reliable, often cost-effective and efficient alternative to older gas central heating.

Is making the switch from gas to electric an easy process?

The assumption that the switch from gas to electric heating being a hassle for you isn’t completely incorrect. The process of the decommissioning of the gas boiler and the removal of pipes and radiators around the house is definitely a time and money consuming task. It involves hiring a qualified gas engineer to perform the job, but the process of the installation of the new electric radiators is comparatively simple.

The installation of electric radiators is a straight-forward process which only requires a connection to the mains. Unlike gas central heating, this eco-friendly solution requires minimal servicing and repair. It efficiently heats up your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and even conservatory separately. A little dusting every now and again keeps it in top-notch condition.

What are the benefits of electric heating in your home?

There are many reasons for switching from gas to electric heating in your homes, the most obvious ones being a more efficient and green choice. By powering your electric heating with renewable energy, you instantly make it a better option from an environmental point of view. The fewer parts required for the functioning of electric heaters reduces the risk of it breaking down, saving costs on servicing and maintenance of the heaters.

It also eliminates the chances of carbon-monoxide leaks due to the removal of gas, and is therefore a much safer option for your home. The switch to electric heating in your home will also provide you with the ability to control the heaters individually, which means you can turn the heating off in rooms which are not in use, while maintaining optimal heating in the most frequented areas of your home. 

Is electric heating as effective as gas?

The principle that gas central heaters function on is combustion – providing radiant heat directly to objects and people in its vicinity. Electric heaters use the principle of convection and radiation (without the combustion) and provide the same level of effective heating in your home.

Electric heating facilitates the equal convection of heat throughout all corners of the room. Many electric heaters also come with precision thermostats which allow you to program the heaters depending on your usage and temperature requirements.

If you work a 9 to 5 job, you can set the heaters to turn on a few minutes before you arrive home so that when you enter your home, you experience a nice toasty home. This is not a fancy technological add-on, but a requirement for your home in order to achieve maximum comfort.

Why should ‘FISCHER’ be your first choice while opting to switch from gas to electric heating?

Fischer is a renowned brand in the electric heating industry, with over 70 years of experience in manufacturing heating solutions. Here at Fischer, we cater to our customer’s needs and pride ourselves on our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

In reference to the removal of your existing gas system, we make this process easier by ensuring our trained engineers remove and discard your existing system and install your brand-new Fischer electric heaters for you.

Each of our heaters come with a programmable wireless thermostat to control the temperature in each room effectively. Our heaters can also be controlled using Wi-Fi, making the control of your heaters accessible to you even when you’re away from home, for example at work or on holiday.

Unlike other electric radiators on the market, we provide our customers with a 40mm chamotte clay core, which aids better heat storage and distribution throughout your home. We also provide a 10-year warranty on all of our radiators, along with a Complete Heating Guarantee to ensure you are warm all winter long. We also make it a practice to replace rather than repair, if there happens to be any fault in the heaters.

Making the switch from gas to electric heating in your home with Fischer by your side will ensure a hassle-free and potentially a more environment-friendly change.

Reasons why we need to think ‘Electric’…….. THINK FISCHER!

The current advancement in technology has brought about numerous changes in the world. Just as an individual will always pick the latest I-Phone over an older model, human beings are designed to adapt and make changes to their lifestyle and these choices are made to improve their standard of living and to make them better individuals in society. Without being able to conform to newer technologies, one might be left behind in life and hence being flexible is highly necessary for the betterment of a person’s life. Currently on account of the ill-actions of humans, our planet is deteriorating. The ocean levels are rising, glaciers melting and forest life becoming extinct. It is high time that we take responsibility of our actions and make better choices in life, in order to help conserve our planet for the future generations to come.

It is evident that the use of fossil fuels is detrimental for the environment. It has caused immense amounts of pollution and is depleting the Earth’s ozone layer. Not only that, researchers suggest that if we continue using fossil fuels and gas, the Earth’s going to exhaust this natural resource by 2060. Just as one would protect their houses from intruders, we must protect and conserve our planet. Numerous people around the world are taking steps in order to reduce their carbon footprints. If we are already shifting from fuel driven cars to electric, why not take a step further and replace our gas heaters to electric. The principle reasoning behind this is that it uses a renewable source of energy and conserves our limited natural resources, along with reducing the carbon emissions, hence protecting our planet.

Electric heaters are more safe and reliable than gas heaters. Electric heaters unlike gas do not emit noxious gases and hence are non-toxic. And with no combustion or burning it is the safest heating solution that one can provide their family with. In the long run, electric heaters are very cost-efficient and as these heaters have a fewer parts as compared to the gas heaters, there is a lower chance of them breaking down. 

We firmly believe in conserving the environment and are proud of the efficiency of our heaters. Fischer heaters are independently controlled with our wireless thermostat, allowing individual room temperature control. When the room temperature falls below a certain temperature, the heater will automatically turn on and keep the room at the desired temperature of the user. Fischer Future Heat has been manufacturing radiators for over 70 years and have been selling electric radiators in the UK for over 12 years. Fischer is a customer-centric company and prides itself on its impeccable customer service and has thousands of positive customer feedback and reviews to attest to that.

Fischer Future Heat would not only be a great addition in your homes for your family but would also make you a conscious environment-friendly individual who cares.

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