Fischer elektrostore heaters are the perfect heating solution for any home or business. They can be wall mounted or free standing. The slimline and stylish design makes them fit in any room regardless of the current decor.


As summer comes to an end once again, now is the perfect time to think about changing and upgrading your heating system.

Before you know it, Santa Claus will be clambering down the chimney to drop off the gifts you’ve been waiting all year for, but the last thing you want is to come down on a winter’s morning to a cold room!

We tell you every year to think ahead and now is the perfect time to do just that.

Here at Fischer Future Heat, we know that our customers love the controllability and improved efficiency of our heaters and hot water systems and we are here to help you.

With an ever expanding product range, we can now offer more options than ever before. From heating and hot water systems to combi boilers and solar panels and batteries, you can transform your house in to an efficient, controllable and comfortable home. We even offer smart technology for our patented dynamic clay core heaters, giving you the ability to control your heating system from anywhere in the world.


If you have night storage heaters, you will be used to waking up in the morning to a (sometimes unbearably) warm room, but what about in the evening when you return home from work?

Many people are forced to use an additional fan heater to keep warm in the evening and in to the night because their night storage heaters have naturally cooled down throughout the day. With Fischer dynamic you no longer have to worry.

With the control of our wireless thermostat, you no longer have to let all of the precious stored heat fade away during the hours you’re at work or out shopping – you can set exactly when you want your room to be warm and to what precise temperature.

Out all day? Set the thermostat to only heat your room before you leave and when you get home. Simple. No more wasted energy.

Our dynamic radiators contain a patented 40mm chamotte clay core and purpose built convection chamber to ensure only the best when it comes to heat distribution and efficiency. Our heaters have even had their efficiency tested and verified by 3 separate independent bodies, including Energy Saving Trust.

Hot Water

You hear about it every year – homeowners often experience massive boiler failure during the coldest weeks of the year and struggle to install a replacement in time for the next cold blast. Costly maintenance, inconvenient installations and time off work to accommodate for a repair all have a massive impact on our lives. Gas boilers can also have a negative impact on our environment.

With the Aquafficient by Fischer, you don’t need to worry about any of that! No servicing or maintenance and hot water on demand, all year round, not to mention a life span of 50+ years. Our team of fully qualified plumbers will install your system for you in just a few hours, giving you peace of mind and access to hot, running water whenever you need it.

Why not install our brand new hot water system today, containing patented heat battery technology and also boasting an EPC rating of C (when powered by electricity)?

Electric Boilers

Perhaps you prefer an all-in-one Duo boiler to power an existing central heating system? Look no further – our Fischer EB Duo Boiler is the perfect solution for you.

With no annual maintenance or servicing required and a built in 100L storage vessel, our boiler is like no other electric boiler on the market. No need for external pumps, tanks or cylinders – just one compact Fischer EB is all you need this winter.

Available in a range of different sizes, our trained heating engineers will advise you on the best boiler for your property during one of our free no obligation surveys.

Call us today on 0800 103 2700 to claim your free catalogue, and we will be sure to get one delivered to your door in the next 2-3 working days.

Time to invest in solar panels and battery storage

Fischer Solar Storage

Winter is over, Autumn is far in the past and the clocks have changed to give us the longer days we’ve all been patiently waiting for. The sun is finally making a comeback and now is the perfect time to invest in solar panels and battery storage. But why?

As solar panels rely solely on PV, or photovaltic, which is energy which comes directly from the sun. Now we’re in to the warmer, sunnier months, you have the opportunity to harvest some of that sunlight we all crave and convert it in to energy to power your home.

Solar panels mounted to a roof

Back in February, we launched our own line of solar panels and battery storage, offering the complete package for any homeowner looking to invest in renewables and power the future with clean energy. It’s like we’re always telling you – the future is electric, even more so following the most recent budget from the government, during which the Chancellor announced the gas levy will rise.

The Future is Electric

Before we know it, we will all be reliant on just electricity to heat and power our homes, and by installing solar panels and battery storage now, you can be ahead of the curve. In fact, the government have already banned the installation of gas in new build properties from 2025 and all types of loose house coal from 2021.

Fischer Solar & Battery Storage consists of a highly efficient solar PV system, running in conjunction with revolutionary battery storage technology.

The key part to our system is the battery. With a standard solar PV system, any energy you generate which is surplus to requirements is sent back to the grid and lost forever. You then have to buy it back when you need it at your unit rate, provided by your energy supplier.

No more Feed-in-Tariff

With the feed-in tariff being scrapped to new applicants in April 2019, and its replacement (Smart Export Guarantee) being rather lack-lustre for consumers, there is no sense in sending any energy back to the grid.

Instead, with Fischer Solar & Battery Storage, you have the option to hold on to your excess energy in a battery and use it at a later time. By doing so, you can utilise as much as 80% of the generated energy, as energy is only sent back to the grid once the battery is full.

Now is the time to invest

With those warm and sunny months approaching, installing your system now means you can make the most of this summer and generate as much energy as possible before that cloud coverage returns.

But never fear, as the panels rely on PV and not heat to generate the energy, they will still generate electricity during the colder months, even with some cloud coverage.

Our team of trained surveyors will carry out a free, no obligation survey to ensure you receive only the best in solar and battery technology and make the most of your roof space. We even carry out a virtual survey prior to the on site visit to calculate exactly how many solar panels you can install on to your roof.

Switch to a renewable energy supplier

Renewable energy is the future, which is why we have partnered with energy supplier Outfox the Market to offer an exclusive tariff to all of our customers, powered by 100% renewable electricity. – They are also offering the cheapest fixed price tariff in the UK.

So why is now the perfect time to install a solar system? Mainly, because those longer days of rich sunlight are upon us and of course, because – The Future is Electric


Request your free brochure today to find out more about how we can help you work towards a cleaner future.

5 Reasons to choose Fischer Radiators

Exclusive design

Fischer radiators remain ahead of the competition with an exclusive design. Whilst other companies offer only a 20mm core, we are the only heater manufacturer that uses a 40mm chamotte clay core for storage. Our core stores and retains more heat in comparison, resulting in increased comfort and efficiency.

Fischer’s clay core is perforated to enhance convection and front loaded to ensure all the heat transfers in the room. This works in unison with the convection chambers found on Fischer radiators – allowing us to have the only radiators on the market that can produce a 30*C difference between the front and back panel. To finish it all off, the Fischer unit is built with high-quality powder-coated steel with fluting to ensure a larger surface area for heat to radiate.

Fischer radiators are also designed for bathrooms as they eliminate dampness in the air, preventing mould and condensation, so you no longer need to constantly re-decorate. Just make sure your bathroom is well ventilated to remove excess moisture.

Complete control

Gone are the days when you would be scrambling for some backup heating after your night storage heater goes cold in the evening. With Fischer radiators, you are guaranteed to be warm and comfortable exactly when you need it.

Take control of your Fischer heaters with our unique wireless thermostat. Take full advantage of controlled room-by-room heating from anywhere in your home. Easy to pair and with no wiring, these thermostats makes sure you get the right temperature every time. Everything is all packed into one user-friendly device.

This is a Fischer wireless thermostat

Unlike many other radiators, Fischer radiators do not measure the temperature at the bottom of the radiator. Instead, our wireless thermostat picks up the actual room temperature to ensure complete comfort. You no longer need to sit by your heater to be warm as Fischer heats the whole room and not just one area of it.

Heating expertise

Our products are designed and built in Germany, by our family business with other 70 years of manufacturing experience. Each Fischer radiator is designed by a specialist in-house research. Department and engineered from raw steel to finished product, by a highly skilled production team. For peace-of-mind all radiators are subjected to stringent tests by the quality control department, before leaving the factory.

All radiators are also installed by our NICEIC registered electricians, with no sub-contractors involved.

Heating guarantee

Our confidence in our product is proven with our industry-leading warranties . Our 10-year warranty is direct from the manufacturer, unlike many competitors that only offer a supply guarantee. Even better, unlike some other companies who simply repair the damaged heater, we will replace it completely.

Our thorough testing procedures also allow us to offer you a complete heating guarantee, removing any uncertainty from heating. We promise that all our radiators will heat your room to a toasty 21*C or we’ll replace it free of charge. No other manufacturer offers this exclusive guarantee.

We replace – we do not repair!

Style without compromise

For our stylish customers, you can choose Fischer’s Premier range. This range provides a stylish finish to blend in with any home décor. Choose between our classic or natural stone finishes suited for both contemporary and classic homes. If you’re feeling really creative, Fischer offers the paintable eco heat range for a truly bespoke design.

With the Premier range, you don’t have to pick between style and comfort anymore.

All Premier Smartstore radiators are heated by an exclusive Silox Stone. This is the storage element that retains heat, making Premier Smartstore more efficient than direct electric panel heaters that have no storage component. Our Natural Stone range contains both an external and internal storage element, providing optimum heat output.

The Premier range is perfect for any room in your home. As Premier Smartstore bathroom radiators heat fast, they’re ideal for bathrooms, reducing dampness, condensation and mould. What’s more, they are great for drying nearby objects thanks to the radiant heat that is dispersed from the front panel.

They are slimline and will blend in seamlessly around your home. They are easily installed with convenience using a 13 amp socket or a fuse spur.

The Future is Electric

Fischer has been providing warmth and comfort for homes for 70 years. Their expertise means that they will definitely have the right heating solution for your home.


Call Fischer now on 0116 242 5533 or request a catalogue here for more information.

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