Aquafficient Eco+ Water Heaters

Aquafficient Eco+ – the future of water heating

Hot water is something we require 365 days a year. Whether it is for washing or cleaning, it is something we all need.

For years now, we have been offering efficient hot water solutions, including our Aquafficient range.

We are now pleased to introduce a new addition to the ever-growing range – Aquafficient Eco+.

Aquafficient Eco+ is our brand new air source water heater, designed to provide hot water to your home quickly and efficiently.

Acquafficient Eco+ Water Heaters vs Traditional Boiler


Fossil fuels are on the way out, and renewables are on the way in. The UK Government are making this push, and the road to zero carbon has begun.

Air is all around us, so utilising it to heat your water is a smart decision.

Using air as its main energy source, the Eco+ is a renewable product. A robust, titanium, heating element is included as a backup, meaning you will never be without hot water.

Much like the way a fridge compresses air to cool; Aquafficient Eco+ compresses air to heat.

Air source water heaters can be two to three times more energy efficient than a conventional water cylinder.*

Thanks to the special design of the compressor, hot water is available at 60 degrees centigrade and with a power requirement of less than 10amps, Aquafficient Eco+ requires only a standard 13amp socket to install.

Aquafficient Eco+ also contains an automatic anti-legionella disinfection system to remove the risk of legionella bacteria.

Much like the Aquafficient, it can be installed alongside a heating only boiler, allowing you to both heat your home and water efficiently.

You can also use Aquafficient Eco+ as a stand-alone hot water system, or even combine it with Fischer dynamic clay core radiators. The opportunities are endless.

Built with a stainless steel casing, 80mm of highly efficient insulation and finished in white, Aquafficient Eco+ has a sleek, modern design perfect for any home.

Wall mounted and floor-standing options are available. The unit can be installed in a loft where possible, ensuring you save valuable space within your home.

Heating only boiler

Our brand new heating only boiler is the ideal replacement for an existing system boiler. It works seamlessly alongside Aquafficient and Eco+ to provide efficient heating and hot water to your home.

Much like our floor standing and wall mounted duo boiler, our heating only boiler requires zero maintenance and boasts a 10-year warranty for complete peace of mind. Our exclusive wireless thermostat is also offered as standard for full heating control.

Warm, with control. The future is electric.

* Source: US Department for Energy

Acquafficient Eco+ Water Heater

Are you on the best energy tariff for you?

There are now over 50 energy suppliers in the UK but many people have still never switched. Despite the increased choice, there are millions of homes who are still paying far too much for their energy.

If you are still supplied by one of the Big 6 – British Gas, Scottish Power, Eon, SSE, OVO or Npower you could be missing out on up to £500 a year in savings.

Here at Fischer Future Heat, it is very important to us that our customers are using their dynamic clay core heaters in the most efficient way possible. Our technical team is always on hand to advise on setting your thermostat, and can help with any issues you may have to ensure you are getting the most from your heating.

A big part of efficiency is making sure you are on the correct energy tariff. If you are happy with your energy supplier and do not want to switch, you should still give them a call and check you are on their cheapest tariff.

We recommend Outfox the Market. They have some of the cheapest energy prices in the UK and the electricity they supply is 100% renewable and is produced from UK offshore wind farms. You can get a quote here.

Economy 7 or single rate tariffs?

If you replaced old storage heaters with Fischer electric heaters it is also important to check your tariff. If you are still on an economy 7 tariff, you could be paying too much.

How do I know if I should change my economy 7 tariff?

If you replaced old storage heaters with Fischer electric heaters it is also important to check your tariff. If you are still on an economy 7 tariff, you could be paying too much.

How do I know if I should change my economy 7 tariff?

The economy 7 tariff was designed for people with old-fashioned storage heaters. You could take advantage of a cheaper night rate to store your energy, which would then be released the following day. But, and this is a big but, quite often, your stored heat runs out and then you have to put the heating on and pay a much higher day rate.

Choosing the right tariff

Many of our customers often ask if they are on the right tariff with Fischer heaters.

The only time the night rate is cost-effective, is if your energy use at night is at least 65% of your overall consumption.

With modern living you may find that you don’t achieve this ratio. So, it’s vitally important that you consider all the new tariffs that are available.

Your latest energy bill will provide a breakdown of how much electricity you use during the day and night.

Let’s imagine you use an annual total of 10000 kWh of electricity.

Example One

Example Two

Example Three

As you can see, if your night/day ratio does not equal 65% in favour of night you need to switch your economy seven tariff to a single rate tariff. You do not need to change your meter, just simply call your energy supplier and ask them to change it. You will soon start enjoying the benefits and ensuring your Fischer radiators are even more efficient.


REMEMBER – Get a quote from Outfox the Market. Their prices are over £350 cheaper than the government price cap. See their website for details – It only takes 30 seconds.