Bindon Bottom Worlds Best Bed and Breakfast Heated by Fischer Future Heat

Bindon Bottom Keats' Room with Fischer Heater

Did you know that Bindon Bottom, the world’s best bed and breakfast (as voted by Trip Advisor) is heated by Fischer heaters? The Victorian country house built from Purbeck and local stone is located just by Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, a seaside location that is home to Durdle Door.

Congratulations to Bindon Bottom – Best Bed and Breakfast 2017

The five bedroom bed and breakfast, that came top of the polls in its respected field, managed to out rank massive competition from other bed and breakfasts located in renowned locations such as Florida, Prague and Bruge.

The £90 to £130 a night bed and breakfast is highly rated by guests, with many referring to the comfortable surroundings, beautiful views and Clive’s unmissable breakfast.

Keeping the bed and breakfast as comfortable as it could possible be is of the utmost importance’s to Clive and Lisa. With this in mind, they understood the importance of a good heating system. The couple faced challenges when it came to heating the property. They state:

“The village (West Lulworth) has no gas, so the only options for heating are electric, oil or calor gas”

Prior to the installation of Fischer heaters, Bindon Bottom was “heated by a mixture of older electric storage heaters and electric convector heaters”.

As you can no doubt imagine, these heaters were inefficient, costly and didn’t meet the specific heating needs of the property or the guests. Having decided that a more efficient heating solution was required, the world’s best bed and breakfast owners inquired with Fischer Future Heat.

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Bindon Bottom Bed & Breakfast in Dorset

Why did Clive and Lisa feel Fischer Future Heat was the best option for their needs?

Speed of installation (it only took half a day)

Minimal disruption to our guest rooms and house (no floor boards to be lifted etc), cost (compared with installing a “wet” system and also compared with running storage heaters)

The solution allows our guests to control the temperature of their room via the wireless thermostats that control the room heater.

As mentioned by Clive and Lisa, quick and stress free installation is a very desirable aspect of Fischer Heating. Having an in house team of N.I.C.E.I.C (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installations) and Gas Safe Registered installers ensure that we are able to offer the most efficient removal / installation process available. Bindon Bottom experienced our installation professionalism, saying:

“The Fischer installation engineers, were very polite, tidy and installed the heaters quickly and neatly without any fuss.”

Complementing the quick, stress free installation and efficiency of our heaters, Bindon Bottoms Fischer system came with the customary 10 year manufacture guarantee and a complete heat guarantee*.

Bindon Bottom Bed & Breakfast in Dorset

Thoughts from Commercial Heating Engineer Brian Mayger

Bindon Bottom Bed & Breakfast in Dorset

As Bindon Bottom is a business property, this project was handed to our commercial department. Experienced heating engineer, Brian Mayger, undertook the challenge of heating the Victorian country house. From a heating perspective, this was an exciting prospect, with multiple variables having to be considered to ensure each room had the correct custom made heaters installed.

Once Brian had considered UVALUES, taking into account insulation, window type, room size etc, he was able to specify the exact heating requirements for all the guest rooms in the property.

During the commercial survey, Brian was able to explain the benefits of Fischer heaters, advising that these types of heaters are perfect for properties that require different heating requirements in all guest rooms around the property. This is because Fischer heaters work independently without boiler or furnace restrictions. Furthermore, the advantages from the temperature controlled thermostat means that Bindon Bottom guests can remain warm and comfortable, whilst Clive and Lisa can keep an eye on the efficiency and cost of heating the property all year round.

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