Best Electric Heating Solutions for Flats

Are you looking for electric heating solutions for flats? Whether you live in one, or are a landlord that lets one out, our electric heating solutions are perfect for your needs. All Fischer heaters are low input and are far more efficient than old night storage heaters.. Find out why Fischer Future Heat have the perfect electric heating solutions.

What are the best electric heating solutions for flats?

Whether you’re looking for electric heaters or water heating solutions, Fischer Future Heat have the best solutions for flats. Fischer Future Heat have been installing heating solutions for both domestic and commercial customers for many years.

Due to our heaters being low input, they have proven to be more efficient to run than old night storage heaters and have also increased the comfort levels of many customers that live in flats. Mrs Harding, an existing customer of Fischer Future Heat says that her:

“flat is always at a constant heat and our first bill for the coldest months very reasonable a lot lower than we were expecting.”

Fischer Future Heat electric clay core heaters are fully controllable thanks to the wireless room thermostat. It is this feature that allows users to increase their comfort and efficiency levels. By programming the heaters to your specific heating needs, you will achieve total comfort at a price you can afford.

As Fischer electric heaters are so easy to install, unlike gas central heating, the whole installation process can be completed in one day. The same applies for our water heaters that are great for flats because they do not require a discharge pipe and provide mains pressure hot water without the stress of annual servicing.

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